Hit The Lights - Bodybag

29 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Hit The Lights - "Bodybag" from Mt. Vernon Entertainment on Vimeo.

Hit The Lights.... Who are they, I hear you ask. Well..... They are an American band, but they are quite a big hit here in the UK and have headlined some great festivals and tours. However they have yet to chart in any country yet, so it's a little surprising they are still around, but they aren't the only ones who haven't had a chart hit and still around today. Hit The Lights, back then were a five-piece rock/pop punk band and they consisted of Colin Ross, David Bermosk, Nick Thompson, Nat Van Damme and Omar Zehery. They are one of those bands that maybe you're unsure about, but you cannot help but like their songs.

Tink09, yet again, introduced me to this band a few months back, when we went on holiday. I was pretty sure I had heard this song before, although I wasn't entirely sure. Also, I had a lot of difficulty finding this video, hence the share from "Vimeo", but I don't think I would have found it, if it wasn't for Tink09, so my thanks go to her! This song is very catchy and it wasn't long until the song soon got stuck in my head, and then on the way back home, I already knew some of the lyrics.

The music video....... I have to admit it is definitely low-budget, but sometimes it doesn't matter, it's not really their fault if they didn't get much money towards this video, to be honest we're probably luck to at least have one. I like the start and how it is the present, and then not long after we go backwards in time to where it all started. I'm sure I've seen this in a few music videos in the past, but I don't which ones, so clearly they weren't as memorable.

The bit I don't like is that when we watch what happened four days ago, we see the two main characters talking, but instead they are silent and we get subtitles, which then you're too busy reading to actually listen to the song, instead, I think Hit The Lights could have implied what they were saying (apparently actions speak louder than words) and in videos they surely do. I think this is definitely the one thing that I would change if it were to be re-released.

I like the rest of the storyline, it's really clever and a little weird, but hilarious at the same time. Seriously, who would think to buy a whole lot of eggs, then kidnap their ex and make him go all eggy? But I find it really funny when the eggs shatter all on to him. I also like it when they fight at the end and then kiss, but to be honest, I don't think she liked him that way because he was eggy.

I had to admit I had a bit of a shock on the opening, as the girl lip-syncs to the song at the start, and I thought she was the singer, at first, so I was a little surprised at this manly vocal coming out of her, how wrong was I? But then we see the band, and I thought, few. I like the band bit, as I've mentioned before, this is helpful in a rock band music video because you get to see what they are like live, and clearly they are very energetic, and that is also referenced in the gig reviews of this band on the Internet. As much as I think I may enjoy one of their gigs, I'd probably have to listen to all of their songs to be sure I want to go. As this is the only song I know by them, thus far.

Overall, I really like this song thanks to Tink09, but I'm a little surprised at the music video, it seems extremely low-budget, and the camera is a little on the dodgy side, in terms of colour and camera movements. But other than that, it has a cracking storyline with a very far-fetched scheme which is hilarious in its own way, and I could definitely watch it again and again.