Love Bites - He's Fit

30 October Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Love Bites, as I mentioned a few days ago, are a band I was really fond of. They only managed to release 2 singles and split up just before their album was released. The four-piece pop/rock band consisted of Danielle Graham, Aimee Haddon, Hannah Haddon and Nicki Wood. Their debut single "You Broke My Heart" did pretty well managing to get to number 13 in the UK chart, however this is their second single, and it only managed to get to number 48. Rumours have been started that they have reformed, is it true? I can't possibly say since I have no clue, if they have I'll be really happy, and I hope they release "Love Sucks", which is the album that got cancelled. But they split in 2006, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure if the rumours are true... We'll just have to wait and see.

I have to admit, I think this is my favourite of the two singles, it has a perfect storyline, and it's the one that I sing (when no one's around) to myself, it's just really catchy and I think it should have been a hit, and that if anyone decided to cover it nowadays (they may make it longer) but it would totally be a hit. I know the lyrics are cheesy, but cheesy lyrics can be great at times, and to be honest these lyrics are better that "You Broke My Heart". I also think that the girls have really good voices, I'm not entirely sure if they were edited in the studio, but they sound like the perfect recording voices. I would also like to know where the girls are now, I know they are reforming (if that's even true), but it'll be interesting what happened after the band, and also why they split.

The music video is okay, but it's not as good as their first one. However this one does contain a live performance, which is always nice to see in a pop/rock video, as you can imagine the energy vibes of the group and the crowd. And some of the aspects that happen is pretty cool too.

I like the start, how you see the girls in the bar, working, or being bored, and the band then goes off stage, and they take over. I like how the music doesn't start until a few seconds after, this is used a lot in music videos and you hardly ever notice it, when watching the music channels. I like how the guy they are singing about is the guy who was in the previous band, and I like how he tries to make the Love Bites rubbish by throwing water and turning off the lights, but to be honest I'm pretty sure he could have done a lot more.

I like the fact that you clearly see that all three girls have their own vocal (I presume Hannah doesn't sing). And I have to congratulate one of them catching that water bottle. I also like the crowd and the bouncer, although you kind of expect that.

Overall the song is pretty catchy, and I guarantee after a few plays it'll be stuck in your mind. The music video is okay, but I think the storyline could have been a bit better, but maybe they could only do so much. As much as I want to give this a high rating, I have to be fair, so I hope you all agree with my rating.
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  1. Where's the Video to He's Fit? I can not find it anywhere? PS I was the Bouncer......... Christopher Fosh

    1. Hi Christopher Fosh,

      I used to use to display their music video, but I've just found out that Muzu closed down in October 2015. After a lot of searching, I came across the music video on MTV, and I've embedded the video onto this blog post, which should be available to watch now.

      Sorry for the problems, and thank you for alerting me to this problem.

      Jonni :)

      PS: Interesting, thank you, I will definitely add your name to the post, nice to meet you.