US5 - Maria

07 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Us5 - Maria - UK Version Video by darklibra

I couldn't find this video on YouTube, so I ended up using other video sites in search for it. I had no idea before now, who US5 were, and by the looks and sounds of things they sound like they are the US version if the UK's band "5ive" who did really well here in the UK and worldwide. This band has got great chart positions over the last few years in Europe, but failed to make an impression here in the UK. US5 was made up of 5 people from either the US or the UK or Germany, however they have had many changes in the band recently and some of the people in this music video are no longer in the band. The line-up in this music video are Christopher "Richie" Stringini, Izzy Gallegos, Tariq Jay Khan, Michael "Mikel" Johnson and Christoph "Chris" Watrin. The band was formed thanks to a talent show that was broad casted across the MTV station in the UK, US and Germany called "Big In America". This is their first ever single, and the only one to have ever charted on the UK charts.

This song is very catchy and it's a little disappointing that they failed to make an impact here in the UK, however some people may say that they were 10 years too late, and to be honest it is reminiscent of the cheesy 90's pop music that surrounded the likes of "5ive" "A1" and "D-Side", and there just isn't room nowadays for this sort of music, and as much as I like it and find it catchy, there will be people who would detest it and therefore it would never be a hit, and it also explains why none of these bands have survived, and this is most definitely just another one to add to the ever-growing list of failed bands. The song is about falling for a girl called Maria and she's supposed to be really pretty and so she's got them all wrapped around her finger and they'll do anything for her.

I really like the music video, I like how they each have their own Maria (as people's fantasies are all different unless you're "One Direction" with "What Makes You Beautiful"). I also like the idea that each Maria is from a different country, it creates a whole new spin on things and also suggests that this band planned on worldwide success, it's just a shame it never happened. Also I bet you a lot of girls at that time wanted to be Maria for obvious reasons.

I really like the choreography steps, it makes you want to join in and learn the moves too (but that isn't going to happen now is it?) The song is really catchy and so it's clever how the dance moves aren't as cheesy as the song, and so it actually works, in whatever way. This song is seriously stuck in my head, and it is one of those songs that you can't get enough of, and you don't care what others think of you as you're singing a long, because it is so catchy.

Overall the music video is clever, it definitely reminds me of something "A1" would've done. The song and the band both reminds me of "5ive" and "D-Side", and it's a shame there is no place for any of these bands in the UK music industry at the moment, would cheesy-pop ever be in the charts again? Or are we just going to have to face it, and let it live on in the 90's as a past-time? We'll just have to wait and see.