Big & Rich Featuring Gretchen Wilson - Fake I.D.

October 08, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After seeing Footloose (2011) for free yesterday (Friday 7th October 2011), this song really caught my attention. For those of you who are wondering, I got to see it for free thanks to Paramount Previews and See Film First, it's their way of promoting films that may not become box office hits unless the public help to promote it, and trust me this film was amazing (my review of the film can be found HERE). It's soundtrack is really surprising, and I think I'm going to get it when I can. I was going to review "Footloose" by "Blake Shelton" however no music video is up yet, and I think it is a good rendition of the old song, other songs that caught my ears were "Holding out for a Hero" by "Ella Mae Bowen" which slowed down the original version to make it crisp and emotional. And then there was this one that is a country catchy song and if it doesn't make the UK charts I'll be very surprised, but it is difficult to chart here in the UK if you're music is country, as so far only "Taylor Swift", "Miley Cyrus" (occasionally) and "Lady Antebellum" are the only ones who can crack it. But could Big & Rich finally do it?

This song stands out and you just want to be in the movie dancing along with all the other extras and just letting loose and having fun. Big & Rich are BIG country singers in the US with a lot of chart hits over there. Big & Rich is a duo group made up of "Big Kenny" and "John Rich". But they've never attempted to crack the UK. Gretchen Wilson is another BIG country singer in the US, and she has even attempted to crack the UK, however it didn't work and after her first single she stopped trying to chart here. I don't really know where I've seen her before, I've probably seen her on TV or something but I'm not entirely sure where from, and I don't think I'll ever work it out, but she is a great singer and I hope she tries the UK again. I really like this song and I hope I'm not the only one. I like how country music can be about real life experiences, I bet you'll never find another music genre that talks about trying to get a fake I.D. from a guy called "mister". And it's hard to believe that if someone needs a fake I.D. that they're just there because "there's a band in the bar that" they're "dying to see"... That will never happen now, people just get fake I.D.'s so that they can go clubbing and stuff, but genuinely sometimes there are people out there who would get a fake I.D. just so that they can see a band. And although this song may get a few criticism's from parents as it's about getting a fake I.D., it's okay because it relates to Footloose and how the children aren't allowed to go and dance, yet they do anyway.

The music video is yet again a soundtrack music video, I always find these difficult to review because some of the clips used would have to be some scenes from the film, however I think they've done a good job here to be totally honest, because the song is played during the film then they can use that whole scene, which is clever and really interesting, as I see some clips that I don't think I saw in the movie, such as Big & Rich and Gretchen singing on the stage.

I really like the country dancing, it never hit off big here in the UK, and it's usually only the middle-age to old people who actually dance like this, and I find it surprising that it hasn't launched across to teenagers yet, but maybe that's due to the fact that country music is rarely in the UK chart, and so there isn't enough of a market here. I have to admit it does look really good in the film, but then again I've always thought it looked good no matter what I was watching, I just want to learn and join in.

Overall I'm not sure what to make of the music video, it seems like they took a large chunk of the film and just used that, including their stage performance which was obviously filmed by their own cameramen while the filming for Footloose was going on. It's definitely a difficult one to rate since narrative kind of goes out of the window. However I'm obsessed with this song and it's definitely going to be stuck in my head all day.