Big Brother Special: Chanelle Hayes - I Want It

08 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Chanelle Hayes was a housemate in Big Brother series 8. People remember her as being the wannabe Victoria Beckham, and she'd walk the streets until someone thought she was Victoria. If Victoria Beckham changed her hair, Chanelle did too. Chanelle had quite a few arguments in the house but she was probably one of the most loved. She had arguments with Ziggy Lichman (who was an ex Northern Line boy band member before entering the house), and Charley Uchea. Chanelle walked gaining making her 13th in the competition, on the results show, I specifically remember Davina McCall having to re-call Chanelle's name because the audience thought she missed her out. Personally, I thought she had a really big chance of winning that series of Big Brother, and if she didn't, I had expected Samanda to win. But I was shocked that Brian Belo won. Chanelle was singing quite a few times in the house, and she was an amazing singer, but yet again another ex-housemate has failed to make a music career. I think she deserves a second chance, she wasn't happy with the music video, but she wanted a shot at being an artist, she had it but people didn't promote her well, adding to the number big brother music failures. Recently she has had a baby, and still appears in Lad Mags, is this the thing she'll be doing for the rest of her life? Or is a musical comeback still on the cards? I have my fingers-crossed.

I have to congratulate the song based on the fact that it wasn't a cover, this kind of brings the standards up a little bit, but then the video lets it down totally. The song was written by Ben Ofoedu and Jack Lucien, both are aspiring singers, with a chart hit here and there, but it looks like they won't make it and probably follow the footsteps of Chanelle, without a very sexualised video. I have to admit I did buy this single and I still have it (I just checked). The song is very catchy, and catchy songs tend to do well no matter what the song is about. However, Radio 1 refused to add the song to their playlists, even though they interviewed her, which probably was the reason behind it only charting at number 63. Her voice is good on this track, but you can tell they've edited it, if you watch her singing from the house, you will realise she has a much better voice. DJ's enjoyed mixing this track and it featured in a lot of their sets. I want Chanelle to return to music, with a much better record label behind her, but until then she is one of a few ex-Big Brother housemates who've made the chart.

This music video is terrible, it's the only word I can use for it and it's not at all Chanelle's fault, she did express her concern about it's sexualised theme. I do remember watching it on the music channels, and I must have been missing something back then as I don't remember it being this erotic. I don't really know how this video was allowed to be shown, but it was... I bet the director and the producer and whoever else was involved, including camera men and the like, totally enjoyed making this video, and I'm not saying their immoral or anything, I'm just saying they'd be nothing like photographers, who are generally nice and usually don't exploit you. Sometimes this video makes me think that Chanelle was pressured into making this video and sometimes in life that sort of happens.

Ignoring all the obvious stuff that certain people will totally mention on, I'm kind of wondering (no jealousy here, honestly) why she has 3 men with her, in different scenes there are 3 different guys. First you have the guy who's in her bedroom with her, he has hair and looks a bit like Jason Flemying, but I don't think it is. Then there's this guy in a lap dancing club (which I'd understand if that was Chanelle's character's job). And lastly, we're back in her bedroom with a whole new guy, which totally confuses me. Are they portraying Chanelle as some Godess or something? Anyway, this video didn't do her any favours.

Overall, it is quite a good song, and to be honest I think it would still make the chart today, with the help of some radios deciding to pick it up. However it's music video didn't help one bit, and although a lot of people (mainly guys, but girls too) who enjoyed it, they didn't help it's performance on the chart, and there were far more people who disliked it. I hope she makes a musical return at some point, as she has the voice for it, but I don't have my hopes up, this music video has ended any music career she wished to have.