Big Brother Special: Shabnam - Shout

07 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Shabnam.... Do people remember her? She was in the Big Brother house in series 8, with Charley, Chanelle and Samanda. She was the first to be evicted, spending only one week in the house, and I think she is the only "loser" of Big Brother to keep the limelight for the longest time. However Shabnam wasn't the first to go, instead someone called Emily Parr was asked to leave Big Brother because she used an offensive word. I remember Shabnam as being this really energetic person, who always sung every now and again, and I feel sorry for her that this was her single, as it made her crash and burn before she was ready. This series gave us a few singers, it is also memorable as it was an all-girls house for a few days.

I thought we would have gained the first ever Big Brother artist, and although four ex-housemates from this year tried, they all failed disappointingly. This song, which is a cover of Lulu's hit single, which has been covered a number of times, didn't get enough promotion at all to help make it chart. Shabnam was a really good singer in the house and I feel really sorry for her that the production behind her didn't help whatsoever. Will she ever make fame? Or was this the end of the road for her?

The music video shows Shabnam having a lot of fun, she was definitely energetic, and I think this video makes her more of an exhibitionist, which is a shame because although she wants to grab the limelight, she wants it for all the right reasons.

I always have to laugh at the bar man, when Shabnam is messing about, it is so funny and he can't help but laugh, I do kind of wonder how many takes this took because the bar man is laughing and laughing. I've seen this music video on a music channel a few years ago (possibly when it came out and possibly on the same channel as the YouTube video is on), I was a little younger then and I think the video quality was a lot better than this video I've found.

A lot of people have picked up that the miming isn't in sync with the song, this is not at all Shabnam's fault and has everything to do with the editors of the music video, this could be a main factor as why the song didn't chart, along with the fact that the song is very iconic and it's difficult to do a better job. Will Shabnam return to music? I'm not sure, I very much doubt it, once you've dappled in it and failed, it's extremely difficult to make any sort of come back, but I know that if she did make a come back it will be a hell of a lot better than this and I bet her vocals would be better.

Overall I like the song, although there isn't much of a vocal performance behind it. The music video is dodgy and annoying and dire. I do feel extremely sorry for her and I really don't think she deserves the rating I have given her, but sometimes it's not the artist's fault. I hope she gets what she wants out of life, but I am kind of expecting never to hear from her again.