Big Brother Special: Samanda - Barbie Girl

10 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I know what you're thinking, you are wondering why I'm reviewing this music video for, but to be honest, Samanda is in our Big Brother history, and will do until someone overrides them, because Samanda is the only ex-housemate to release more than one single, and although no album has been released, and their third single has been waiting for it's release for 3 years now, they have managed to get two charted hits, so they are officially the closest ex-housemate to become an artist.

Samanda came second in Big Brother series 8, they were the bookies favourite to win, and mine too. The entered at Day 1 and manage to last all the way, they were picked at the post by Brian Belo, who wasn't in the Big Brother house for long, so in theory Samanda were the winners, and in celebrity status they are definitely above Brian, in my opinion. Their most memorable task was the twin task, where they were separated and they both had to draw a 3 pictures and they actually drew the same pictures.

The song is a cover of Aqua's sensational hit "Barbie Girl". Aqua has recently reformed although they've done not-so-well here in the UK, and totally suspect they won't be around much longer. There is some good bits to the song, but the bit I really hate is ken's robotic voice, seriously did they run out of money or something? Their voices are changed slightly, but they have sung this song live a few times and as we know from the Big Brother house, they can actually sing, which could be the reason they managed to chart so high with this song, managing to get to number 26, which is a Big Brother record for ex-housemates. I also think the music video was one of the main influences in getting this single so high up on the chart. Will Samanda come back to music or TV? They've been missing for almost 3 years now, only popping up for special Big Brother advertisements. I am hoping they do come back and finally release "Whistle For A Hottie" at least. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, as Samanda could be our first ever recording artist from Big Brother.

The music video is low budget, everyone can see that, and it's nothing like Aqua's narrative music video, which could be both good and bad, but this clearly is a notch above the other ex-housemates' music videos. I think it's a little bland and boring, with no connection to the song, but sometimes that's okay.

I like the dance routine they've got going on, they did that exact choreography in the house, so maybe this music video is supposed to show them as who they are, or how they were in the house (if there's a difference). And I like it when they laugh, it's not because they are faking it but they actually do something and laugh, which kind of lightens up this music video. I like all the bright lights and all the different scenes, but it just feels like there is something missing, which could be the narrative story line.

Overall it's quite a good cover (minus the robotic Ken), but I don't think the music video is as good as it could have been, and I know it was low budget, and it could possibly be one of the best ex-housemate music videos we'll ever get to see, but I just feel that it isn't worthy of a high rating, because compared to other high rating music videos, this is bland, boring and not that great. I cannot believe I'm giving it the same rating as Chanelle Hayes but it kind of deserves it. I bet children will find this music video a lot more appealing.