Big Brother Special: Nadia Almada - A Little Bit Of Action

11 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nadia Almada won Big Brother series 5, and she will always be remembered for her big laugh and her big heart. BUT after returning for Ultimate Big Brother, everyone turned against her and she was evicted quite early with a lot of boos. This song was released not long after she won and I have to admit that I agree with some of the comments, it's so bad that it's good. Nadia is from Madeira and she is a transvestite, who was born as Jorge Leodoro.

As far as I can tell this song is an original song, believe it or not. I could have sworn it was a cover, but if it was I cannot find the original version anywhere. Nadia's song actually did well on the chart, getting to number 27, which is quite an achievement for an ex-housemate, but there was no second single or album that followed which is a little disappointing since this single charted so high. Personally I very much doubt Nadia helped with the songwriting, although I cannot even find songwriting credits for this song. Her voice is bad, she can't sing, and she can't dance and obviously not even changing her voice in the studio could do anything. But I have to admit this song is very catchy and after only one listen it is stuck in my head. It's so wrong that it's right.

The music video is once again dire. But I think it is not as bad as previous ex-housemates. There is no narrative storyline, which kind of upsets me a little as it may have made this music video a lot better, and the performance side of things is just as bad. This could have been a lot better, but then again if it were low budget (which it looks like it) then they must have paid a lot to those dancers therefore leaving not much left to the imagination.

I like quite a few things about this music video, the dancers is a very clever technique to use, and I like the fact that the camera is more focused on them than on Nadia, which is really clever, because clearly Nadia can't dance that well, and so instead we only get a few snapshots of her. Sometimes I think anyone can dance, if taught and given the right choreography, but it's times like these when I see someone who will never be able to dance, and I take back what I have said.

I like some of the scenes, but some of them just doesn't work with Nadia, especially when she's lying down on the sofa/chair and trying to be sexy, it seriously doesn't work. Other scenes, have little choreography and she doesn't pull it off that fluently, so it just looks like a complete mess.

Overall I really like the song, it's quite catchy, but she cannot sing very well. The music video is okay, but i would be suited for someone else, it kind of reminds me of Shabnam's music video, but this is a little bit better. My rating is once again low, but the video deserves it, Although I think the song would have rated a little bit higher if it was just on it's own.