New Release: David Guetta Featuring Taped Rai - Just One Last Time

31 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

David Guetta, real name Pierre David Guetta, has definitely become one of the most popular DJ's of all time, and his career in the music industry will, from now on, be endless. However his most recent album has spawned 8 singles, believe it or not, surely we will be seeing a new album soon! This song features unknown Taped Rai. All the info I can get on this duo band is that they are from Sweden and consists of two people. They are new, and if they were spotted by David Guetta, they are clearly great, and they will be a duo that may just become a highlight of 2013. Watch out for them, and by the time they have a big hit on their hands, I should have more information about them, hopefully.

"Just One Last Time" was written by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Tom Liljegren and Alexander Ryberg. It's extremely catchy and I'm sure I've heard it a few times in the club. However it's not doing well climbing the iTunes chart, and it makes me question why the UK aren't taking it that well. Personally, I think it's not our sort of thing, on the other hand I really like it, and I hope that radio play will pick up and make this song liked by more people.

This music video is amazing. It's the only word I can use to describe it. I first saw this on the music channels, and at the end I was really upset, luckily I held back tears. But this ending is really not something I expected.

This narrative-based music video is supposed to flow perfectly, but I get confused easily (in case you haven't noticed), and so I don't quite understand the start. Clearly he snuck out of his girlfriend's house to play pool, but when he returns the house is in flames. And his girlfriend is dead. But when he lies down and these robot things enter his ears, he relives his memories, only this time around he goes in and saves her, but ends up dying himself. Has he changed the past, or is this just a dream or a wish?

There's an extra performance piece by David Guetta, I think it's him. And it kind of reminds me of his DJ set of "Where Them Girls At", only with fire instead of bubbles.

Overall, an extremely catchy song that gets better and better the more you listen to it. The accompanying music video is tearful, but confusing too, but has everything I need for a top rating. It just misses out because I don't get the start, and I don't think I ever will.