New Release: Gold1 Featuring Bruno Mars & Jaeson Ma - This Is My Love

December 24, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This took me ages and ages to find. By the looks of things, this is the only single being released this week. I do not believe this, and there probably is more, but I've just spent a whole hour trying to find a song that was released this week and which has a music video. Shame Charlotte Church hasn't released a video for "Glitterbombed", would've reviewed that otherwise.

Gold1 is an artist I have never heard of. His real name is Dwaine and he used to release by that name. Now under a new name, he has released his first single. It features Bruno Mars, real name Peter Hernández, he's career is big, and it's only going to turn into a complete giant soon, if not already. He is what will make this song get the sales it gets. Jaeson Ma is a Chinese actor and musician, he has featured on a few singles, this is just another to add to the collection. I hope that we see more of Gold1 and Jaeson Ma, it will be interesting what the future brings.

The song is catchy, and it's one of those songs that makes me indecisive and unsure of whether I should buy it or not. The vocals of Bruno Mars is amazing, and definitely stands out. The song isn't on the iTunes top 1000 yet, and I doubt it will ever reach it due to no promotion and that hardly anyone knows of the song. I hope that in reviewing it, it may help.

The music video is surprisingly good. I was expecting some hip-hop/rap average music video, but it completely shocked me, and it's different to what I expected, and I wanted to watch it again and again because it's soft and gentle, which sides perfectly with the song.

There are various people holding up signs about what love is. I think this is very clever, as people's perceptions of love is not the same as others. It reminds me of The All-American Rejects' "Dirty Little Secret", because they too are holding up signs.

I like the short narrative that is involved, and I like how they magnify that with scenes of Gold1 performing on a road. It's subtle but it works and it just makes this video all the more better. What grabs my attention the most is the words as the whisp in the air. However they annoy me too as they don't link up with the words the singers are singing, although they are the lyrics of the song.

Overall, an okay song that will get stuck in my head soon. It's accompanying music video is great to watch, and it will be one I'll be watching again and again. I am prepared to overlook the whispy lyrics that don't match with the lyrics being sung at that moment in time. And so I have no choice but to give the video this rating. Look out for Gold1 and Jaeson Ma, they'll be well-known soon, just like Bruno Mars already is.