Chart Mondays: Pia Mia Featuring Chris Brown & Tyga - Do It Again

28 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Since Justin Bieber is still at number one with the amazing "What Do You Mean?", I can review any song in the UK's top 10. It's Pia Mia everybody! Currently at number nine on the UK chart. This song is such a hit and is definitely a tune when I'm out clubbing. The accompanying video is so annoying, it's supposed to be sexy and engaging, yet it's easily forgettable and just falls to the bottom of the music video heap. It's all the cameraman's fault during the choreographed scenes and the final scene too, no one could have salvaged this.

Pia Mia, real name Pia Mia Perez, was born in Guam, and will probably have a long-lasting career. Her problem in the UK is that she has come out at the same time as Natalie La Rose, who is on top of her game, and her most recent video "Around The World" puts this video to shame. The song was written by Pia Mia, Jerry Afemata, George Veikoso, Nic Nac, Marc Griffin, Tyga and Chris Brown, it came from when J Boog performed in Guam and Pia Mia went to see him live and loved his song so much she remade it into this hit. The collaborators heard the song and asked to be featured on it, which is definitely an honour. Pia Mia has everything going for her, but her next few singles are going to have to be crucial, or she could end up being a one-hit-wonder, which we definitely don't want to see.

Directed by Colin Tilley, who has a vast amount of experience when it comes to directing videos, he has some amazing ones, such as Rita Ora's "Body on Me" as well as JLS's "She Makes Me Wanna", this video seems a mess and not only is it unmemorable, it fails to engage too.

It makes sense why the editor used most of the scenes of her performing on the beach singing the song, Pia Mia can definitely sing and give an emotional performance.

She can clearly dance too, yet the camera is shaking a lot and constantly moving. This is the why Natalie La Rose looks amazing and on point in "Around The World" and why Pia Mia looks sloppy, out-of-sync and unsure of herself. Yet we can tell this has nothing to do with her but more to do with the cameraman.

Chris Brown and Tyga, the latter's real name is Michael Nguyen-Stevenson, both feature in the song and video, although their dress sense isn't really the most fashionable thing around, I wouldn't be seen dead in that, and I would probably laugh inside at such a dreadful clothing outfit if they had walked past me. However, they attract attention straight to Pia Mia, which is probably the idea.

An extremely catchy song that definitely gets me on the dance floor in any club. Yet the video fails to stay in my memory, and what should have been an amazing dance choreographed sequence not only falls short but isn't even good. This should've been a lot better.
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