New Release: Klingande Featuring Broken Back - RIVA (Restart The Game)

09 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Definitely one of the most disturbing music videos I have watched recently. Klingande follows up "Jubel" with this powerful song, yet the video concerns me and definitely wasn't what I was expecting, since house music usually isn't in depth as this.

Klingande, real name Cédric Steinmyller, is from France. The name means chimes in Swedish. Originally Klingande was a duo, consisting of Edgar Catry as well, and although they remain best friends, it wasn't working. Their debut single was "Punga" but it was the second single "Jubel" that became a hit, after Cédric went solo. I am excited to see where Klingande will go next, this single doesn't look like it's going to chart well, here in the UK, but there's always time. Written by Cédric Steinmyller, the song is powerful, something I would listen again and again, it has already charted well in other countries. The featured guest is Broken Back, real name Jérôme Fagnet (which took me ages to find his last name). He is a singer songwriter, also from France. He has released a few songs, but this is what will give him his spark of fame, what he does with it, time will tell.

Two directors for this video: Johan Rosell and Michael Johansson. Strictly narrative, the actors display a cult, one that includes a death sentence, how everyone is still alive I do not know.

They love making wine and drinking it, clearly. They throw parties, and people pay the ultimate price if they have not collected enough berries.

The little girl, at the very start, prepares to run away, but then she has a change of heart and wants to take someone with her, who we can presume is her mother. Only she is betrayed, and we see clips of her final moments as they get ready to burn her alive.

In depth and kind of shocking, something I really wasn't expecting. Considering all the releases this week, I struggled to find a music video to review. This seemed to have been the only one, and yet I'm grateful this had a video at least, even if it did surprise me.
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