Chart Mondays: Philip George & Anton Powers - Alone No More

12 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Since Justin Bieber, yet again, has claimed the UK top spot with "What Do You Mean?". Today's Chart Monday is wide open to the Top 10, again. This song is the perfect follow up from "Wish You Were Mine" and Philip George has hit the charts hard, and it looks like he will be having hit after hit. The video is stunning. She has everything I want, a gorgeous guy, a holiday or a few, beach, sun, sand, clubbing, extreme adventuring, funfair, sea, partying, did I mention gorgeous guy? Can we swap places please?

Philip George is a British DJ, who has just came onto the music scene. "Wish You Were Mine" hit number two here in the UK, as well as performing well in other countries. This follow up track is also proving popular, currently sitting at number four, could it potentially climb higher? This is a collaboration with Anton Powers, who many will know him as one third of the dance group Cahill, who have remixed the likes of Inna, Alexandra Stan, Cascada, Nicole Scherzinger, The Saturdays and many more, he is also A&R for 3 Beat Productions. This is a label that released Inna and Alexandra Stan and Unicorn Kid here in the UK, and did a good job with them, until they focused on other acts, hence why Philip George, Fuse ODG and Sigma are doing so well now. This is a problem with most record labels, as they end up focusing more on other acts, they may have their reasons, but still it is a problem. Let's face it, Anton Powers isn't the source of the problem, and he is doing well for himself, as well as for Cahill, pretty sure everyone's heard of one of their remixes by now.

This song is upbeat and catchy, perfect summer anthem for the autumn.

It is an unsurprising music video, to a degree, the song is about loving someone and not wanting to be alone, and that is perfectly replicated in a loving relationship between a man and a woman, played by Luis Young Buaa and Lynn Kelly respectively.

This would be my type of holiday, just wished I had the money to do this and the hot guy to go with it. Regardless, it's fun to watch and engaging to an extent. I love the appearance of Philip George and Anton Powers in the club, it brings reality into this fictional narrative, and kind of reminds me of Basshunter's first two music videos "Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted" where he too is DJing in the background.
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