Suzanne Vega - Luka

12 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After reviewing "Tom's Diner" how could I not review her biggest hit? Especially since it's rare for me to write reviews of old music videos, usually opting for songs that are in the charts now. A music video that subtly relates to the song, filled with simple emotion and understanding.

Suzanne Vega never really did well in the UK, apart from the DNA remix of "Tom's Diner". Otherwise she charted badly considering the year her songs were charting. Nowadays it's an achievement to get those chart numbers. Her biggest hit in the UK was a re-release of her debut single "Marlene on the Wall". She is still releasing music as of today, and her latest album even charted in the UK's top 40. "Luka" was written by Suzanne Vega and is about a boy that used to live across the street from her who always was just different compared to the other children who were playing. In the song the child is abused by a family member, in real life, she believes, Luka was just a normal average kid, only acted differently.

Directed by Michael Patterson and Candice Reckinge, who opted for a blue and white toned video which fails to intensify the video whatsoever.

The actor who plays Luka in the music video is Jason Cerbone. The scenes involve him shutting doors, walking up stairs and being out on the street.

Like I said before, the song speaks for itself, Suzanne Vega's narrative lyrics come across so well, we don't even need a video to interpret the song, however they have done a good job and subtly included the child abuse. The song is so catchy it's stuck in my head, and I am not shocked it charted so well in other countries.
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