Christina Milian - Am To PM

04 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I was watching the music channels this morning and in less than half an hour, the same music channel played this video twice. I remember watching it back in 2001, and I was just happy to watch it once as I haven't seen it in ages, and then after a few bits of flicking, I ended up watching the channel again, as nothing good was on, after a Billie Piper classic, this was shown for the second time, I was quite surprised, and it just confirmed that this should be the next video I post on here.

This is Christina Milian's first ever single, released from her self titled first album. She has gone on to release 5 more solo singles, and has been a big hit here in the UK, although no sign of a No.1 yet. She is a worldwide artist, and has had a number of acting roles, some of them I have watched. However, as much as I like her music, I do not own one album or single by her, but if her new single is catchy I might add her songs to my wish list, as she was a big part of my childhood, and I really do remember singing along to her songs, which kind of explains why I know the complete lyrics to this songs. Who ever said people can't remember stuff? I think the brain just stores information, and when it is needed it opens the safety catch allowing the information to come out easily.

Anyway, the song is about having fun, doing what you want, and being able to stay up all night. It does remind me of an old version of Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music". As the meaning is similar although, the songs are very different, but they were both hits in their day. To be honest, I don't know how people can be up "From Am to Pm", I don't think I could do it, but I've never had an all-nighter yet, but I'm going to have to experience it too. I imagine you are extremely tired for the days to come. [EDIT: Allnighters are easy now].

The music video is a joy to watch and has a comedic effect. I love the start, how she is hiding from, presumably, her parents and on her way to sneak out, so she can go out clubbing. the dog is funny, however it looks like she's done this quite a few times, as she already has a dog biscuit.

I like how they attempt to make it modern, with the use of some gadgets, that are probably still expensive as of now. But furthermore, I love that it exposes how good of a dancer she is. Obviously she has all three: singing, dancing and acting, most US singers are able to do exactly this, but not many pull it off, and it is extremely difficult here in the UK as we prefer someone being something, rather than many things, but hopefully things will change sometime soon.

I definitely like the "REMIX" part of the song, it interests a different style of dance with a slightly different beat to the song, which could have potentially helped the track climb to No.3 in the charts all the way back in 2001, as it was different, and it still is.

The ending works really well, and I'm glad they decided to include it, as they could have just left it alone which would have dropped my rating, along with whoever else rates music videos, as you can't not finish a narrative story-line. However apart from the blurryness. which even appears on the Music channels, I can't fault this music video, apart from it being old, but it has been 10 years.
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