David Guetta Featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj - Where Them Girls At

July 05, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This music video is pretty funny, and you can't help but laugh as soon as you see it. I just want to scream "bubbles" whenever I see them, as I'd love to actually see a bubble of that size float past me.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of any of these artists, some of David Guetta's songs are catchy to a certain extent and I tend to know most of them, but I wouldn't buy the song to help it get further up the chart, purely because I don't think he does much, and although he is a DJ, and I am unaware of all the technical stuff that goes on behind, all of the songs have similar aspects, for example, a lot of people have said this song sounds pretty similar to "Sexy Chick", and I definitely agree. But if that's what sells, then go for it. Going on to Flo Rida... He has released a lot of different songs that has made an impact on the chart, however none of them I really liked, the only ones I did like were "Alexandra Burke Featuring Flo Rida - Bad Boys" and "Flo Rida Featuring Ke$ha - Right Round". But that's all, and even though his music is different and can interest people, I'm part of a minority who it doesn't interest. As For Nicki Minaj, what can I say? She's only just started releasing here in the UK, and already making the charts, but she comes across quite weird especially with the amount of different styles she goes through, I don't think she sets a good example, but anyhow, this collaboration may not be to my taste, but it's one to be expected from David Guetta, it is one of those songs that ends up stuck in your head until you find a worse annoying song to listen to. This is David Guetta's first single from his fifth album: "Nothing But The Beat".

The song is really catchy and the music video is really funny, especially when a bubble bursts in front of someone and they start dancing around in a weird stance. And then it's even more funny when the bubble enter Nicki Minaj's mouth and then as she sings along the bubbles come out.

I like how you see where the bubbles come from, and you realise that it is the speakers that are making the bubbles, which also answers our question from the beginning, on why the song is muted a bit at the start until the bubble pops. Although this is all computer work, and unfortunately speakers can't make bubbles, otherwise there really would be massive bubbles in the street, which would be amazing.

I like the video to an extent, but sometimes, after extensive playing it wouldn't be funny any more. There is no narrative story line to follow, that links with the lyrics, so people are left unsure of whether there is any reason for the song. However with David Guetta songs, their music video hardly ever follows the lyrics of the song, so it isn't that big of a surprise. But it would be nice to see one of his music video's have a narrative side.

Overall it's a great music video, but would get tiresome after quite a few plays, and I don't think the song would be that catchy after a while either, anyhow, my rating shows what I thought of it, and even though I think of it as funny, I don't think I will for much longer.
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