Danny & Freja - If Only You

July 09, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Before I start, I want to state 2 things, 1) there is 2 different music videos for this song, one is the clean version (which is the one that is shown on the music channels, and also the one I'll review today) and then there is the explicit version, which is a little over-the-top. 2) this song has been re-worked, it was supposed to be Danny and Therese, however, for some unknown reasons Therese has been replaced by Freja for the UK release, and any future releases, I suppose.

Danny Saucedo is a big hit in Europe at the moment, he has released a a total of three albums so far, and a number of singles. Most of his songs are big dance songs, which are getting popular, our chart is quickly becoming obsessed with Euro-dance artists, which makes a change from the constant American artists. This single was released in 2007 in Sweden and Poland, with it featuring Therese. However it is being released as his first single (or their first single) in the UK. I am very interested how he will do, since quite a few Swedish artists have done well in the UK (From Swedish House Mafia to Basshunter to September and so on....). I have never heard of Freja, and I don't think she is well known, however she is a great singer, and I'm wondering if this is a new direction where they become a duo, or it might be a one-off sort of thing. Although on the original "If Only You" it's Danny Featuring Therese, where as here it's Danny & Freja, so they might end up being a duo......... But We'll just have to sit and find out.

This song will probably, most definitely be played in the clubs, maybe the remixes as well, however it is quite a slow dance song, which we are not used to in the UK, so it could go either way, but to be honest the music channels aren't showing it often, so it might not make the chart what-so-ever. Anyway.... The song is about being in a and wanting the other person to be aware of how they are "hurting". And they want the other person to care enough to see how the other feels.

The music video does not reflect the song as well as it could of done, there is so much more that could be done with this song and the music video, but maybe they decided they wanted to show how hot each of the artists are in an attempt to try and attract the UK audience, and I admit, we are sometimes suckers for that sort of thing, but it won't work, you need a good song (which this one has the potential to be), with an amazing music video to go with it. If they really want to get high in the charts they need to do something better than this, to be honest.

There are some aspects that do relate to the song, such as the flashbacks, but there is no emotion shown in the video about how they are "hurting" and how they want to be "set free" before they click "delete". This music video looks like the sort of thing that you'd want to watch again, but on the second watch you decide you really don't like it, and the whole song kind of drops down with it.

I decided to look at the explicit version, to see if there is better links to the song, but there really isn't that much difference, although some people use it as a substitute for something else, as you can read on the comments, but if this song makes the top 40 I will be really surprised, and will base it on the fact that the song is the best part, and it has nothing to do with the music video.

Overall I feel like I'm being a bit harsh, but the truth is, is that if they want to release in the UK, they should of researched what kind of music videos we like, and tried to do something similar, perhaps a music video that has a full story-line rather than leaving us unsure of the whole idea behind the music video. I hope you will all agree with my rating.