Evarose - Cough It Up

08 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've only recently been introduced to Evarose. A few months back, there was nothing on the music channels, so I went on "lava TV" which is a channel that shows music videos of new and upcoming bands along with unsigned bands. However, now the channel has swapped hands and it's now called "Greatest Hits TV", but in the morning they show "Lava" which is basically the same format but it's cut down to a certain slot time rather than having the whole channel, they must have been losing money. Anyway, when there's nothing on I watch this channel, and Evarose popped up,  thought they were very different especially since they were an all-female rock group, and I ended up really liking this song. I can definitely see this band doing really well, and I really hope they become one of the top bands, as they deserve it, and they have a really big chance of getting popular, especially since they are appearing in rock magazines, such as Kerrang! and Rock Sound, who are quite taken to them.

Evarose are an all female rock band who have recent brought out an EP, the band consists of Dannika Webber, Imogen Leslie, Connie Raitt and Robyn Griffith. This song is called "Cough It Up" and it's about people pretending to be someone they are not, and at the end of the day everyone is the same, no matter what you look like. It's about someone who they know, perhaps a friend, who treats them badly, although, they know this isn't how this person normally acts, and so that person should drop their act and be themselves, rather than being someone they aren't.

I really like this music video, and although it's pretty simplistic to an extent, it really shows how even a simple music video can really surprise you. I love the ending of this and tend to laugh every time. The first time I saw this, I thought it wasn't much, but the ending is such a surprise that I have no choice but give this the rating it deserves...

I like how the music video relates to the song, although the ending is a little over-the-top since the song doesn't mention anything about the guy at the end, however it definitely shows that people pretend to be someone they're not, as in this case it's a little bit more. But it's a really clever idea, and thought-provoking, and very surprising. For all I know, the people I pass everyday, could possibly be someone totally different, which is a little scary to be honest.

The song is very catchy, I love it, and definitely think this band rocks, and definitely will be a famous band (hopefully) sometime in the future as more people promote them and gives them the popularity they clearly deserve. They don't have many YouTube hits, but I hope that they get more as this video is really good, even though it's simple. I also like how the band is all female, there isn't any rock bands I can think of who are all female (apart from "The Donnas"). They kind of remind me of "The Love Bites" but with a bit more of a rockier edge. The Love Bites were my FAVOURITE girl band until they dis-banded, but now I've found a better girl group, so I'm really hoping "Evarose" don't disband.

Overall the music video is simplistic, however there is definitely a gripping twist at the end which will definitely make you watch the music video for a second time. The song is great and easily catchy at the end, so I have no choice but to give this the rating it deserves.