Billie Piper - Because We Want To

July 16, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have been a fan of Billie Piper ever since she first came out in 1998. The first time I ever heard of her, was when I was sitting infront of the TV (only a kid back then) and I was watching the music channels. It was probably the first time I had ever watched a music channel, and I remember this coming up, it was shown straight after Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time", and I loved it straight away. And to be honest I still love it now!

Billie Piper was first a singer back in the late 1990's/early 2000's, but shot to fame with her acting when she came into the new revised series of Doctor Who, where she played Rose Tyler. But when this song was first released it went straight to No.1 in the UK charts, and she holds the record for the youngest ever solo female artist to have a UK No.1 hit, and it doesn't look like anyone will beat that record in the next few years. Could she still be holding that title after she's gone from this world? Who knows? With the amount of young singers nowadays, she may not hold the record for much longer. The only other female artist I can think of who ever came this close to beating Billie Piper was JoJo, who managed to get to No.2 with Leave (Get Out). Not long after her greatest hits album, she disappeared from the world of music, and years later appeared on our screens as the new Doctor's Assistant, in the new series of Doctor Who. She became a character everyone loved, and a character that, when appears in a one-off episode, gains a hell of a lot of ratings to the BBC drama series.

She has been in many films since she's left music, and although she was never passionate about music, there is still a slot for her in our charts. She will probably be lost to music for the rest of her life, and music will miss her so much, but if her heart is in acting, then go for it, but she will sadly be missed, as Chris Moyles proved one day, when he tried to interest listeners into downloading "Honey To The Bee", back in 2007, and guess what? She managed to get to No.17, which is such a surprise, and totally proves that the music industry has a slot still for her, and her fans will help her in anyway possible. She could easily become an actor & singer, many American artists and Actors do it so it's about time Britain started, and Billie could definitely prove herself.

This song is the cheesy sort of pop that I was brought up on. It was very common in the late 90's to have this sort of music playing. The song is about freedom and doing the things you want to do hence "because we want to". It is definitely cheesy, but it's good in the way that is interesting,

The music video is imaginative and clever and links a lot with Doctor Who, many fans reckon there is a lot of links, from an early Cyberman to a Judoon, she was obviously destined to appear in Doctor Who, only then no one could have possibly have known. I like how Billie has "super powers", she came from a UFO, which definitely is Doctor Who like, and at just 15 she loved throwing her names on things, such the billboard poster.

I definitely like the dance routines, it was very common then as kids liked to copy the dance moves and try to imitate them, and yes, I did do that back then too. But it was how it was, now, about a decade later it is starting all over again, you'll getting a lot of girl groups, boy bands, and mix groups coming up with dance moves that kids are likely to copy, and with the added use of the fact that bands from the 90's are re-forming, cheesy pop could be making a return in a whole new style and format. Could this be the perfect time for Billie to come back to the music world? I really hope so.

The camera is a little on the jumpy side, but that is to be expected, and the graphics are not the best, however I remember thinking WOW at the time as back then they were pretty good, however if the music video was ever re-done it would definitely be improved a hell of a lot.

Overall I am giving it a reasonable rating, because I think the camera could have focused more on the dancing, as I remember having to watch the music channels a hell of a lot of times waiting and waiting for this song to come on so I could perfect my dance moves, that is my only problem, but otherwise it's been interesting rating a music video which is over 10 years old.