Paige - Young Summer

July 19, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Paige is a rock band that apparently started back in 2006, they have supported a number of acts on their tours including Kids in Glass Houses. They are destined for success, and as they complete their first album they are getting more and more popular. This song was released as an EP in January 2011, and I have only just recently heard this song. I know it is better than some bands that are out now, and I really am looking forward for their new songs as I feel that they are going to be really good songs, and I so hope they enter the UK singles charts some time soon as I can definitely see them being one of the UK's best rock bands, competing with the likes of Lostprophets and You Me At Six.

Paige is a 5 piece pop-rock band consisting of Lewis White, Arthur Walwin, Aaron Hunt, Paul Hinwood and Alex Tillbrook. They are the sort of rock band I enjoy listening to and I've probably seen this music video about 5 times already. I think it's a great song and I can't wait for more music from this interesting and different rock band.

According to Paige: "Young Summer is a bit of romantic story about the summers when you were young and didn't have a care in the world, just hanging out with your friends partying all night." This is easily reflected in the lyrics, and the music video coincides nicely with what the song is all about.

I like how people go flinging into the pool, one way or another, whether they meant to do it or was pushed into the pool is so funny to watch, I like how some of them go flying it's really funny. I also like how there is a storyline to go with the song and music video. And how it comes full circle.

I like how in the song the crowd has some lines to sing, it gives the song that 'Tour' kind of feel when the vocalist hands the mike out to the audience, and you hear the crowd singing the song, this really interests people and also suggests what Paige is like on stage, the band would probably be amazing live.

I like how you have the three people who think they can get any girl they want, and tend to push people out the way to try and get what they want. However when it comes down to it all she is after is the person with the right personality, who was the person she was talking to before he got shoved out the way the first time. I like how that particular person gets his own back by shoving the last guy into the water and then kissing the girl. This music video is simple but really good and interesting.

Overall the music video is really good and works well with the song, however it looks a little on the simplistic side and the editing between Paige singing and then the narrative storyline didn't work that well. Nonetheless the music video is really good and it's interesting, and I hope you agree that my rating isn't too generous.