Radio Killer - Lonely Heart

18 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Radio Killer is a dance group, they are from Romania, who is currently becoming a big shot here in the UK, artists such as Inna, Alexandra Stan and Edward Maya are all making a big impact on the UK chart, and it won't be long until Radio Killer gets there too. Romania is vastly producing amazing club songs that is forever getting stuck in my head, I'm pretty sure it won't be long until all the artists they are producing will all appear in the UK chart therefore allowing Romania to be dominating our charts, and it would be a different chart since America is usually the country that does the best in the UK.

Radio Killer, as far as I'm aware of, consists of two band members, Lee Heart and Paul Damixie. However they did a competition that ran for nearly a year called "Who is Radio Killer?", this helped them to get their first single "Viola" high in the Romanian chart, but I am unsure whether there is more members than just these two, if there are please correct me. Anyway, Radio Killer are now trying for international success, this song is big on the music channels here in the UK, but, as much as I want this song to chart, I don't see it happening, as I'm unsure when the release date for this song is, or whether it is already out. I don't have a clue, and the only way I can see Radio Killer doing any good is if they promote their songs here in the UK. Anyhow, I hope they do well and I'm interested in hearing more songs by them.

The song is about being in a relationship and he has just broken up with her, now she's a "lonely heart", and Lee Heart sings about how she is missing him, and when she's falling asleep she keeps "dreaming" about him. It is a really good song although doesn't leave a lot of inspiration for the music video. However I think they've done a good job in theory.

The music video takes place in a club or at a house party, and everyone is frozen apart from Lee and Paul. He is walking in and puts the DJ deck on and as soon as the music starts everyone starts moving and dancing. I like how raw the party looks, there is people kissing and then there is little fights and some people pushing each other, which kind of gets in the way of Lee Heart and she's quite surprised at some points, as if this is not meant to have happened. If this was the case then surely she was really anxious when she had to lie on the floor, which links in with the lyrics really well, as it proves how much of a lonely heart she is, and she feels dead to the world, she is that lonely that if one of those people had stepped on her she wouldn't have cared, although they wouldn't have shown that in the music video.

I don't think there is a lot more to say about this video. To be honest I think it kind of reminds me of the 2nd book of Twilight: New Moon, as it reminds me of when Edward breaks up with Bella, and she is a "lonely heart", and she's daring to do anything that may bring him back. I think it definitely links in with the fact that Lee Heart lies down on the floor.

Overall it is a good first international single, that should do well in the charts, however I don't see it getting very high in the charts. I also think the rawness of the music video highlights the song really well, and shows it really good, however the rawness could also be bad and suggests a low-budget music video. So hopefully everyone will agree with my rating.