Room 94 - The End

July 12, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Room 94 is the new rock band from the block, they are becoming more and more popular on the music channels, and this song is probably played most often. They are the sort of band whose songs don't interest you right from the start, but the more times you hear the songs the more you like it, until you can't stop playing it.

The 4-piece rock band consists of Kieran Lemon, Dean Lemon, Sean Lemon and Kit Tanton. On the occasion I've seen this music video, I've always thought I recognise a few of the band members. Well Sean Lemon appeared in a band called "Saving Aimee", who I was a big fan of until they split up. So now I have a new band to follow, and this band is kind of an addiction. They are currently "unsigned" according to Facebook, but with their fan base growing and the frequent amount of YouTube hits, and a sold out gig in Manchester, UK, they could possibly become the sort of UK rock band we've all been waiting for.

The song lyrics create a picture of a relationship that is on the fringes of dying, and the guy is processing how much he wants to be with her "I walk the streets, I'll be screaming out your name", however he is aware that they can't save the relationship: "We thought we could save it, but we're far too late". This is perfect material to think up a great video to coincide with the song, especially since he said "As the night start to end, I won't go out without a fight", suggesting that one more chance and the relationship will work. However doesn't that contradict the fact that he's just said "but we're far too late"? Or is he just suggesting that she should give him one more chance rather than deciding there's no turning back? I may be completely wrong, but that's what I think the song's meaning is.

The video, as I have already said, has nothing to do with the song, well apart from the fact that it's a rock song, so you tend to get a mass of people jumping up and down. Although some of the people in the background doesn't really suit what the band stands for. But none-the-less, it isn't too bad a music video, but it doesn't express what the song is about, but then again not all music videos have a narrative storyline, for many different reasons.

I really like Dean Lemon's "I'd Do Me" T-Shirt, everytime I read it I can't help but smile, I'd definitely get one for myself if I ever come across one. I also like how you can expect people to act if you ever go to one of their gigs, especially since people are jumping about, which people do a hell of a lot of at concerts, and there is not much else you can do apart from jumping along with them as you are usually squished and because others are jumping you really have no other choice but to jump along with them.

I really think this band is pretty raw and individually different from other upcoming rock bands, I'm pretty sure they have their little place on our music chart, as there is a bit of a gap for rock bands, and I'm pretty sure it won't be long until Room 94 manages to fit into that gap.

Overall even though the music video doesn't reflect the song at all, it coincides nicely with it and they seem to be having fun although some of the people in the background clearly just wanted to stand out and be able to show their friends that they're in a music video, however they look out of place and really doesn't suit the band at all.