Ola - All Over The World

11 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is definitely going to be a scorcher if promoted enough. I could so see this song getting to number 1 when it gets released, although no release date has been revealed yet, I can't wait, as it is the most catchy song I've heard in a long time and I can't help but sing a long and dance it is an amazing song.

Ola is a Swedish dance singer, and has gained a lot of top hits in Sweden. By the looks of things this will be his first international release, and I really hope he does well. Sweden is releasing a lot of great dance superstars into the UK, we already have Basshunter, September and Swedish House Mafia. Let's hope Ola gets to be the next Swedish dance megastar, with the ever-growing fan base all over the world, I hope more and more people end up following him "All Over The World". This is probably already a big hit in the clubs, and it definitely is one that you could listen to over and over again.

The song is so catchy it is unbelievable, but I have to stop listening to it so that I can write this review just for you. The lyrics have been changed for the international release, and some Swedish people are surprised by that, however it is really common for lyrics to be missed out and edited for certain audiences. Ola sings about asking this person to follow him "all over the world", which suggests that this song is quite personal to him, especially since he'd go all over the world touring and promoting, if he becomes international, and he is sweetly asking a girl to go with him "next flight is your flight". his voice accompanies the song really well and you definitely can hear the emotion in it, which really gives this song the interest it deserves. I am hoping to at least see this on the chart sometime soon.

The first time I saw this music video, I thought Ola Svensson was actually Andrew Stone, as I had heard Andrew Stone was starting a music career, and I was excited when I first saw this, but then when I saw the banner at the bottom it said Ola, which confused me more, so after I looked it up on the Internet, I was surprised that it wasn't Andrew Stone, as they both look very similar.

I like how the music video has a feel-good feel towards the song, it shows that it represents the song, the genre and the lyrics really good and interests the audience in straight away. I like how it shows that they've just had a house party, with people lying here there and everywhere, and gambling chips are stacked on the table, and for some reason a guy has vampire teeth, maybe he thought it was fancy-dress?

When the girl goes into the bathroom,I really like the "Follow Me <3" message that she writes on the mirror, for some reason bathrooms tends to be shown as a sexy kind of place, which really doesn't make any sense to me, they're usually sleazy in my opinion, which kind of explains the blonde hair girl. I also like the chin-ups they do on the train, it's so unnatural and unexpected, it'll just be weird if anyone did that in a train here in the UK.

I also like the ending, and how it leaves it as a cliff-hanger, however again this would show in the daytime where children may end up watching it, were they wouldn't really understand what is going on, but since it's only subtle hints, it's not very noticeable.

Overall this music video goes well with the song, and is very catchy, and you'll probably end up watching it more and more often, like I have. I really do see this song being a big hit in the UK if it gets promoted enough, but we'll see.