Joe Jonas - See No More

30 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Joe Jonas is one third of a band called The Jonas Brothers, who consists of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas. They did really well together in the US, but here in the UK they rarely managed to make an impact on the charts. Now the brothers have gone separate ways for the moment, putting their band on hiatus until further notice. There are many different reasons for splitting, but the most obvious reason is that they are having musical differences. This is shown by how different their music are to each other. Joe Jonas has gone down an R&B kind of style, whereas Nick has created a whole new band called "Nick Jonas and the Administration" which is more of a Blues/rock sort of band. There's no sign of Kevin Jonas doing anything just yet, apart from getting married, but it will be interesting to see what he's got up his sleeve.

Now this single by Joe Jonas is extremely emotional, whenever I hear it, I can feel exactly what he is trying to get across, and it just proves how strongly he feels about this song! Joe Jonas explained the song to E! News at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, this is what he said: “The song is about a relationship ending and you’re trying to get over it, but at the same time you’ve got these mixed feelings… you’re fighting everything of seeing that person. It sounds like a sad song, but it carries a cool beat to it.” Personally I think we could guess what the song is about since the song lyrics gives us the exact same interpretation. Joe Jonas co-wrote this song with Chris Brown (a very well known singer) and Brian Kennedy (who is a well known song writer and has worked with many well-known artists). Together they've wrote this amazing song and I bet Joe had the most input, since he sings it fantastically.

I really like the music video and it seems very similar to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", as it is subtle but very powerful. And it works amazingly with Joe's fantastic song. The music video starts off by Joe looking unsure about what he is thinking, and he knows very much that he likes this person, but they've just broken up and they don't belong together. The person he is thinking of appears every now and again which suggests that at those certain times he is thinking of her.

When the dress catches fire, it is a direct link to burning of memories and trying desperately to get rid of the person he can't stop thinking about. But I also like the ending, which shows that Joe is still not done, and no matter what he tries to do to forget about her, it is pretty impossible, as what they had was very strong. And thus proving that you shouldn't burn things as you'll never get them back and all you know is that you may get back together, and those memories you had burnt can never ever return to you.

I think you can tell I really like this music video, it is strong, passionate and very thought-out. It shows Joe's feelings easily and links well with the song. The lyrics make it difficult to make the perfect narrative, there must have been loads of different ideas, but subtle was definitely the way to go.

This song was released last month, and in the UK it made number 53, which is pretty good, and it actually bests previous Jonas Brother's and Nick Jonas and the Administration's singles, however he didn't promote it well enough, and he just allowed the music video to promote the song, and to be honest the music channels haven't picked it up enough. This song failed to make an impact in the US as well, which is quite surprising. So for his next single, whatever that will be, will have to make a bigger impact. But with the amount of YouTube view, which is just over 7 million (at this current moment), he might just make it as a worldwide star, but we'll just going to have to wait and see.

Overall they've done well with the music video, and although the narrative could have been more story-like the subtleness works superbly and really helps to get the emotion across, so I have no choice but to give this a rating it deserves, and I cannot wait to hear new music by Joe Jonas.