Six D - Best Damn Night

29 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Six D are a brand-new street dance group, whose new music is different to what we are used to. Six D contains six members (obviously) who are Chantelle Bernard, Pierre Angus, Kieran Edmonds, Kimmy Campbell, Cassie Macmillan and Levon de Silva. This new UK group reminds me of Big Brovaz, they both have three female members and three male members, and the music is quite similar, however this band could be considered as the new Big Brovaz, because if Big Brovaz were still going, I very much think that they would have a similar sound.

Also, Six D are definitely street dance, they have great dancing ability, and they would be brilliant to watch at a gig. I think that they could easily pick up enough fans, to push them into stardom, they just need more promoting.

This song is their first single and they managed to get to number 34 on the UK singles chart, which is pretty good for a new group, although I do hope they do better the next time around as they definitely deserve it. This song is all about having fun and "having the best damn night". They seem to be doing just that in the music video, which works well with the song.

I'm not totally sure how I feel about this music video, purely because on it's own it is pretty impressive, but then the song ruins it a bit. It is one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you quite like it, but then the more you sing it to yourself, and then possibly hear it again and again, you soon become bored with it. Which might reflect why they didn't do so well on the charts, but I do congratulate them on cracking the Top 40, when several new bands/groups fail to do just that.

There isn't much narrative, but you sort of expect that, as you can't really show a brilliant story line, thanks to the lyrics. But the choreography the group was given is amazing and the band manages to pull it off superbly as they are all in sync and no one makes a mistake. I would be interested in how many takes it took them to create this music video, and surely they must have been exhausted after creating it, however it was definitely worth it, and it is very entertaining it watch, and I bet children and young teenagers are trying to copy the dance moves so they can dance along too, but they are quick and complicated, and they pull it off perfectly!

Overall I really like the music video, however the song (after constantly hearing it here and there) lets it down, but I admit, I did like the song the first time I heard it. I hope they have many more future releases, and manages to show what great singers and dancers they are, and let's hope they manage to crack the top 10 next time.