Inna - Un Momento

September 26, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After a week out because I've been ill, I am NOW back and I'm ready to give my opinions on music videos. First up is Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu. Inna has made me like club/dance music a lot more, and has managed to open this whole new genre to me. Her first single "Hot" was a chart topper hitting number 6 here in the UK, since then she has dipped in and out of the charts some cracking the top 20 and others not even making the top 100. After some playing in the car I have managed to make my cousin also enjoy Inna's songs, and although she has yet to hear the 2 most recent songs, I'm sure she'll enjoy them just as much as I do. So Inna is now back with a new single "Un Momento" which gets stuck in my head and although it is a simple song and isn't as good as some of her other songs, it's very catchy and I hope that it gets high on the charts especially since the music channels are definitely in favour of this song. Inna is from Romania, and she is quite big over there, and I guarantee most people in the UK knows who she is, and so she is definitely becoming a world-wide star. People have referenced her as Romania's answer to Cheryl Cole, even though Inna has no idea of who that is (as she confirmed on an interview with Radio 1's Chart Show). Romania is hitting out some big stars lately from "Inna" to "Alexandra Stan" to "Edward Maya", with new and up-coming stars such as "Akcent" and "Radio Killer" set to hit our charts real soon.

This song has quite a few different versions out. Here in the UK they have shortened it so that we understand what is being said, they have cut "Juan Magan"'s featured lyrics out which is a shame, but I presume they couldn't translate them for the British audience, however some of Inna's lyrics aren't translated such as "No quiero que tu pienses que esto es normal", I can just about follow that bit when she's singing it, and no way can I sing a long, a lot more practice is definitely needed. Un Momento is Spanish for "In a moment" or "Give me a second", however I thought it meant "one moment" as in, a moment in someone's life sort of thing, and although that is probably the direct translation, we'd probably say "one moment please" during a phone conversation or something more formal, however un momento sounds like a phrase that the Spanish say. Anyway, the song sounds like she is singing to a specific person and I think it is a nice direct link from "Sun is up", which ended up being in the UK chart for ages, and so could this song potentially do the same? We'll just have to see.

What to say about the music video..... Well let's start off with what others have said, some have mentioned that it's boring, it's different to her other music videos. And I have to agree, I like how it references Inna in a total different lime-light, a fun and totally friendly sort of light. Here in the UK people automatically think of Sun Is Up's music video whenever someone mentions her name, and although the music video is good, I'm sure Inna isn't the sort of person who wants attention purely because of her looks, if that was the case then all her music videos would be similar, and I also very much doubt she would be in the music industry.

I like the start especially the "hand job" as people have started called it and I can't help but laugh, however on a more natural tone it links in perfectly with the opening verse, which is what I sort of expected. The first verse is also my favourite bit of the song, it sort of shows Inna's voice off a bit and I really do like it, maybe there will be a few more vocal tracks on her new album maybe? The other bits of the music video are okay, I like the use of the Polaroid camera, although I don't like the fact that we don't get to see the photos, which could suggest that they were all rubbish, or they couldn't be bothered to edit them in, the closest we get to them is the transition between the videos, although I really think they were asked to hold up any of the photos and they'd edit it in, and although I like the technique they could have done it more often.

I really like how the cameraman is taken into account as a real person, which is quite a different idea and could be showing Inna's friendly side, I especially like it when she passes that cup towards the cameraman. I also laugh at the fact that when she's trying to grab the camera she loses control of her bike and she has to look away and control it again. I like how at the house party they all hold up one finger which references "un momento", and I do like the ending, although I don't understand what it has to do with anything.

Overall I'm obsessed with the song and it's nice for Inna to show who she is personality wise, however it doesn't seek to impress and is considered "boring" to quite a few people. I hope the song does well on the chart when it is released, but I definitely don't see the music channels playing this music video much more.
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