Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now

September 27, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've had to think long and hard about how I'm going to write about this music video... This song means a lot to me and probably to the dozen of others too who also got bullied at school. However I'm still young, I haven't even started what I want to do so I can't even start laughing just yet, but I so hope I do at some point and I hope I'll be able to say "who's laughing now?". I also bet it was a little difficult for Jessie J to write, especially bringing up all that emotion of her first few years in the music industry. However she explained that this song always makes her laugh as she said she's had "so many supporters but also many non-believers and this track is 'ha-ha' to them. As I say: 'Let the haters hate, they're like way too late!'" This song gets stuck in my head, and also makes me believe I can actually become something like so many others have. I hope for the younger audience who are probably being bullied right at this moment, or got bullied a few days, months, years ago, can listen to this song and totally believe that if they stride hard enough they can achieve anything and that when they're ready they can start laughing too.

Jessie J, real name being Jessica Cornish, is a very talented singer. I really like her songs and sometimes there is one song from her that I end up disliking but after constant playing on the radio and other music sources, it ends up getting really catchy and I can't help but like it. I'll never become a big fan of her purely because I'm not usually a fan of her songs first off, however I will be following her career and can definitely see her becoming a world-wide star in the next couple of years. She said she'd always been a good singer whereas her older sisters were more into sums and other academic intelligence. She joined the school choir but some of the parents complained that their child was upset because she was too good, and she was only 11 at the time. She also has an irregular heart beat and so she doesn't take anything for granted and looks after herself. Before releasing her album she wrote songs for many famous stars such as Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. Her most well-known single she wrote for another star was Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA".

This song, as I have already mentioned is about Jessie J's music and when she first started. There was a lot of haters and critics who didn't like her, however she turned things around and now have dedicated a song to them to tell them that they were wrong. It was written by a number of people, mainly by Jessie J, but with the help of Kyle Abrahams, George Astasio, Peter Ighile, Jason Pebworth and Jon Shave. I really like how this song is constructed and it tells a story right from the beginning. It's extremely catchy and I don't think there is any other song out there that expresses similar thoughts and opinions, thank God Jessie J came onto the scene. It's extremely catchy and I'm surprised it has yet to make the Top 10 of the UK chart yet, maybe there's just too many haters that hate...

This music video's theme is bullying, as you probably guessed. I think it is a brilliant revengeful song on all the past bullies people have had and I can't help liking it even if some critics have said that they don't like it.. I really like Jessie J's mini-me's performance, Adrianna Bertola. She is very talented and definitely looks like a young Jessie J, and I think she'll be one of those big young actresses and I hope to see her sometime in the future, and definitely in more of Jessie J's music videos, as it shows a side of Jessie J that is difficult to display. For those of you who is wondering, a different Mini-Jessie was used in the music video for "Price Tag" so don't go about mixing them two up.

Jessie J gives us a great inside into her acting, especially since she appears as four different people in this music video, which I have only just found out. First you have her sitting in the chair that Adrianna sits in during some of the shots, then you have her dressed up as the teacher behind the desk, which doesn't at all look like Jessie J, then you have the janitor who I still question whether or not it's actually her because she really looks totally different dressed up as the janitor. And then finally she is dressed up as the dinner lady. I like how she has different characters and it's really funny to see how they change within the music video. I have to admit I thought they were all extras and until now didn't realise that they were Jessie J.

Overall I love this song and its music video. I like Adrianna's slow walking when she's stomping down the hall in her angry outburst, I sometimes wish that when I'm walking I could go in slow motion, I don't really know why it just looks amazing on-screen and I really want that to happen to me, I can still dream, right? I also like the ending with the fire extinguisher which is really funny and I'd love to do that too. Adrianna must have had the best time on set while filming this music video. I also like her T-Shirt "U R Boring", however I do not feel inclined to buy one, like I did for Room 94's music video "The End" where I bought the "I'd Do Me" T-Shirt that Dean Lemon is wearing. Anyway this is probably my favourite Jessie J video so far, and I am really hoping she uses Adrianna a bit more to show the younger side of her, and if she gets to act out different people I'd definitely say go for it! She is becoming really big so watch out for her.