Jennifer Lopez - Papi

September 28, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

A lot of people have been talking about this video lately, so I thought I had no choice but to write this review, since it is quite impressive and really good. Jennifer Lopez, or J Lo depending on which name you prefer, is a world wide star, she is an actress and singer amongst other things, and this video really does show her acting skills off amazingly. She has released lots of singles and albums, and this single is taken from her seventh studio album, however she has yet to release a greatest hits album, which is quite surprising, as I don't think any artist has released more than 7 albums without releasing a collection album.

This song is really good and very catchy, I can definitely see a lot of DJ's remixing this song for the clubs, and I really hope it'll be another number 1 for her as I can definitely see that happening with this song here in the UK. The song is about being with someone and expressing that, however I don't understand this bit "Dance for your papi", if it's all about being with someone then why do you want to dance for your dad? That doesn't make any sense to me, because the translation from the Spanish word "papi" means "dad" in English, so that's the only bit I don't understand. I still like the meaning of the song and the catchy beat behind it.

Now the music video is definitely top class, I like how the song has been used, turned upside down and inside out and some great person thought up this amazing idea for the music video, and I am shocked that this was even thought of. I have to admit, I forced myself not to watch it on YouTube when I heard everyone talking about it, because I thought it would spoil the effect, so I kept using the music channels and it came on, I was so happy and I was surprised because this music video is definitely one I can watch again and again. People have mentioned that it is similar to an advert and people have mistaken it for an advert without actually realising.

There are a few continuity errors, such as at the very start. Clearly that cookie is magic because it disappears straight out of her hand, when the camera is looking at "Lisa". Also people have noticed that when J Lo's dancing, her shoes automatically changes so that she's wearing dancing shoes, however I totally understand why they've done it, because J Lo is generally quite small, and so she is seen wearing platform heels which makes her roughly average height, however could she seriously dance in those shoes? So they definitely edited and filmed this perfectly.

I love the story line of this. Her "Papi", as she calls him, is the guy she's going out with and she's waiting for his return from army. She talks about him to Lisa, who is the mail attendant, and Lisa offers her a cookie which claims to bring her love back, Lisa tells her to take a small bite, however the cookie breaks and J Lo ends up taking a big bite. The next day every single guy she walks past has a spell put on him, and they end up running after her, trying to give her a rose, or a bag, or even a puppy. She gains the interest of many people, from a horseman, to a motorcyclist, to a gardener and many others. I love the guy who she hits with the car, because he ends up on the bonnet (or hood, if you live in America), of her car, and through the front window he does a "rock on" sign with his hand and mouths "I love you", and then she puts the brakes on and he goes flying. I also like it when she gets out the car and she's being passed around and prevented from escaping. When she shouts "STOP", everyone stops and then it goes into a choreographed dance scene, where she dances with all her love interests. At the end her "Papi" comes to save her, he's dressed in uniform, so he obviously just came back. Then the video finishes with J Lo saying "The craziest thing happened," trying to tell him about her day. The ending reminds me of Miley Cyrus' "Fly on the Wall" as it is quite similar.

Overall I really like the song and it's music video, I bet you tonnes of people want to find this "Lisa" persona and take a "small bite" of the cookie, including me. I really like the concept of the video, only I'm surprised she only realises when she gets into the car, did she not hear that car crash behind her and the window breaking and the many fights that are just behind her? Anyway, I think this video certainly deserves this rating, and I hope you all agree with it.