New Release: Box Bottom Featuring Big Babba - Bounce 'N' Boom

12 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I am obsessed with this song, it's definitely Tink09's fault, we went on holiday for a weekend, and because of the Vimto advert we became obsessed and we must have listened to this song about a dozen times, the best part was when we were on this really bouncy road and we had this song on too, if we had known that we could have sent in a video of ourselves to be included in this music video, we definitely would of. Tink09 wants to make sure we're on a bumpy road whenever she hears this song, and if she can't find one she'll just pretend we are.

Box Bottom and Big Babba, are fairly new on the scene and it's interesting to find out that there is only limited information on the Internet. All I can find is Box Bottom's facebook and YouTube pages, aren't that helpful. Anyway, I've been searching as some of the YouTube comments, and from Box Bottom there was a comment saying that Radio 1 has refused to play this song, I am aware this has happened a few times before, such as Same Difference's "Shine On Forever [Photo Frame]". But Box Bottom and Big Babba is closing in on the Top 40 on the UK iTunes Chart, can they succeed in making Radio 1 play this song on Sunday's Official Chart show? I sure hope so.

This song is obviously all about fun and what some young people get up to. For those of you who are unaware for whatever reason "Blackberry's glow in the dark" is about a mobile phone called a blackberry and not the fruit. I also love the bit in the lyrics that goes: "We live, we love, we hate, we cry, we rise, we fall we reach, we try, we live for dub, so feel the rise" I think it definitely represents life in general, people do all of those things, well apart from "live for dub", you might live for pop or dance or rock or you might hate music altogether, but I really don't think you could fit in "music" so they went with dub which is this song's genre sort of, since there are many different variations of dub music.

I have to admit I don't see any other way they could of done this music video. It is very well put together and there are a few cross-references with the song. but there is an occasion when I think some things don't go very well. I really like the bike ramp into the water, and although if that water ever dries up there's bound to be tonnes of bikes left over. I also find it funny when you see that one person who didn't make the ramp and ended up falling over. Occasionally I feel sorry for him because surely he would've hurt himself, but he didn't look hurt so we're allowed to laugh. I also get worried for the ones who hit the water before the bike, what if the bike hit them? Well maybe I'm worrying too much.

I like he ending especially with the blackberry's, they actually "glow in the dark" and "glow in the park". but there are some bits such as the guy with the snake on his shoulders who is miming the song, and I sometimes think it is irrelevant, did they not get better videos from other people? And I'm sorry if that is actually Box Bottom or Big Babba. I do think it's a shame we don't see them, or they aren't pointed out to us, it'll just be nice to see them, at the end of the day it's their music video, why can't they be in it?

I like other video shots, such as the band playing, and the school children singing along. I think the blond girl on the bike is a really good reference to life passing by and trying to live for each moment. I like the party, and I also like the bit with the people in the car because that is definitely me and Tink09 when we're going out, we just wish we could of sent a video of ourselves in.

Overall I really like this music video and this song and even though it has been done before it is still a good idea, and it would have been interesting if we could have viewed all the different videos they received, they must have gotten loads. I have to give a valid rating to be honest, and people, DOWNLOAD this song now, we need it to chart within the top 40!