Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z - Umbrella

10 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This song is very well known here in the UK, it made chart history by being the longest running single at number one during the 21st century, and it's a wonder if anyone will be able to defeat that? I don't think so. The media turned up a lot of things about this single and after a push and a shove, Rihanna (real name Robyn Fenty) managed to gain 10 weeks at number one here in the UK. But also it gained the "Rihanna's Curse" which I'll talk about later.

This song was written by many people, one of these people was Jay-Z who also performs a rap at the start of this song. The song was first given to Britney, but her label turned it down because she already had enough songs for her "Blackout" album. It was also given to Taio Cruz, and although he wanted it, he failed to convince his record company. It was then given to L.A. Reid who then passed it on, and finally it made it's way to Rihanna. She has released loads of songs and albums since then and has yet to beat this record, will she be able to do that in the future? I'm not sure, can a single really last more than ten weeks at number one nowadays? With the amount of different singles being released every week, and artists only last between 1 and 5 weeks at number one, it'll be very interesting to see if a single does stay at the top long enough to have the potential to beat this record, but I don't see it happening.

The song is now considered as Rihanna's signature song, and you definitely link the song with Rihanna . The song is about a romantic relationship and the strength of the two people in that relationship. Although Rihanna didn't write the song, and so could be considered unable to put emotion towards it; her voice makes the song even more perfect and you can definitely see that she has at least some connection to the song.

The music video heavily links in with the umbrella part, although has no connection to the emotion of the song. I really do like the dance choreography with the umbrellas, and I would really have liked to have seen how they made it, as I could definitely see a lot of umbrellas going here, there and everywhere. I also like the use of the water, obviously it is computer works, and it also suggests that Rihanna is the umbrella herself, which kind of joins in with the whole relationship thing, since she controls the water, and can move out of it's way and even push it into another direction, and she hardly gets wet, so it suggests that the relationship could be strong by standing "under my umbrella ella ella".

Now I HAVE to talk about the triangle significance, a lot of people have referenced it to the Illuminati symbol lately. Although this is doubtful, and it is just an idea that Rihanna and her director came up with. during this bit, she is naked but covered in silver paint, which was re-applied after every shoot. This bit doesn't link in well with the song as I can't think of any references, although it does put Rihanna's career forward into a more of a mainstream success, which she got, and although her recent videos have caused a lot of controversy, this is sometimes referred to as possibly worse than her recent ones (according to Rihanna).

Now onto the Rihanna curse. When this single managed to get to number one here in the UK, we had a lot of disasters including extreme rainfall and flooding. The Sun (a UK national newspaper, for those of you who don't know) decided that these two events were connected. They brought up ideas and even said that the single gave bad luck to this country and even mentioned that the video was shot on Friday the 13th. The newspaper suggested people should help by kicking it off the top spot, and even suggested other songs people should buy. This seems a little far-fetched, but when Rihanna's song was knocked off the weather conditions became better. Not only that but there was similar stories in New Zealand and Romania. In New Zealand there were some worst storms they have ever had including tornadoes and flooding, but everything stopped when this single got replaced at the top spot. In Romania another storm hit, at the start of one of the driest summer's they've had, but as the song climbed down the chart it cleared up...... There may have been more countries where this or something similar has happened, or it could be just a coincidence, what do you think?

Overall, I really like the song, it is definitely Rihanna's most iconic song, and I don't think she'll ever have another song as big as this, but I'm ready to be surprised. I like the music video although there's only a few links here and there. I definitely like the water idea and I can't wait to see more music videos by her.
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