Swedish House Mafia Featuring John Martin - Save The World

09 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Talk about man's best friends. While I was on holiday a few weeks ago the radio kept playing this song on and on, so..... It's kind of grown on me. Now I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Swedish House Mafia, I haven't really watched any other music video by them and I also haven't really liked any of their other songs, but to be perfectly honest I haven't listened to it enough to judge properly, although you may see more of their music videos appear on here at some point.

Now Swedish House Mafia is a three-piece dance/house band compiling of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. The song was sung by John Martin, who is a new singer from Sweden, so it'll be interesting how far he would go, however this song doesn't officially state that he's featuring as the vocals, although he is credited, so I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing... The band and John Martin are all from Sweden, who has released many dance artists here in the UK such as Basshunter, September, Danny Saucedo (who has yet to do well) and Edward Maya.

This song is all about saving the world, bringing it back to normality (whatever that is). After the past few crazy years, surely this song should help normality settle. In my opinion, I could so see this music video being presented to Swedish House Mafia, and they had to produce and create a song that fits perfectly within the music video, but of course nothing like that ever happens, but it just proves how well this music video fits in with the song, and although it is bizarre and weird, it is perfect in many different ways.

I have to admit, hands up, this video has captured me. Personally I'm a cat lover, sorry for all the dog lovers out there, but I am, even though I currently have a pet dog, yes yes yes, I can see you all laughing now reading this. BUT why couldn't they have made it a dog and cat world where they saved us humans, why just dogs? Did they prefer dogs? Have they been watching too many re-runs of "Krypto the Super Dog" or something similar that is shown in Sweden? However I have to admit, these dogs are so cute, and love able, and they were recorded perfectly, now don't you lot dare post telling me that they are animation, because my heart will literally brake. Just in case they are animation, I have to admit that I've recently watched "The Smurfs" and a cat appears in that film, and it took me a while until I realised it was animation, that's how advanced creators have now became, so I'm telling you this could be animation, it is so similar that I can't even tell the difference now.

I like the surrealism of this story line, "man's best friend just saved man", I could so see that being the headline on the front cover of some newspaper. And it's kind of weird thinking that could happen, although to be totally honest, I believe my dog would save me (not sure on the whole world, but definitely me and my family). I currently have a border-collie named Harvey, and as all the pictures of the dogs appeared in the video, I was kind of hoping to see some sort of collie appear but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't.

I also like how this video teaches younger children about "stranger danger", there are definitely bad people out there, no matter the reason they still do the bad things they do, and so I like how this video warns people, that things could be safe, but aren't always. To be honest dogs can sometimes be very vicious, which then leads me to understanding why dogs were used, and although cats can be vicious, they aren't as scary, am I making sense?

Overall I really like the concept of this music video and I've finally caught on to liking this song. I definitely wish there were more great music videos like this, and the song connects well with the music video. I like the various dogs and how it shows that small dogs can be just as scary as bigger dogs. I hope you all agree with my rating!