Billie Piper - Walk of Life

October 23, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is Billie Piper's last single before she decided to turn her back on music for good. I have been a fan of her music since I can remember, and now I'm definitely a fan of her acting, from "Rose Tyler" in Doctor Who all the way up to "Hannah Baxter/Belle De Jour" in "A Secret Diary of a Call Girl". She is going to be in a new film and a new TV Series at the start of next year, and I'm interested where she'll go from there. I just wish that making a come back to music will be an option, even if it was only for a single and album release. She would definitely make the chart today, her unique voice is like no other out there at the moment.

This song was written by Billie Piper and Wendy Page. The latter was in a band called Skin Games, who failed to gain commercial success and so split up not long after. She has penned quite a few tracks and she is after a solo career, but for all we know that may have been abandoned now. Billie Piper does sing this song really well, and it's understandable since she helped with the song lyrics. I have to admit I personally feel that this song isn't as good as her many others, but then again it's a great last song, so I suppose you can't have it both ways. The song is about being in a relationship with someone and going through the stages together, making sure that she's not walking alone. I think it's got quite a strong meaning, I just think that the song doesn't show off her voice as well as it could have done, it's kind of in between a ballad and a pop song.

I really like this music video, there's a lot of like-able factors but it doesn't stand out that well. I did think at first there was a contingency error, as Billie is wearing two different costumes during filming inside the coach. However I worked it out that the coach travels twice, so clearly you need a whole new set of clothes for the next time you travel. I really like her Mickey Mouse T-shirt, but I think everyone does as everyone loves Mickey Mouse! (Other Disney characters are loved too)

I feel a little bit sorry for Billie, she is the only person there without someone by her side, does that mean that the person who's supposed to "walk the walk of life" with her decided not to? Or is she just singing about her many friends? I also want to sit on top of that coach, that will be amazing. To have the wind rush past you as you sit on the roof of a coach with all your friends.

This music video is quite short, with not a lot going on, but then again I presume the "walk of life" is peaceful and very "stagey" in the way things work, so it relates to an extent, and it is very interesting. Could the music video have been done better? I don't think so, it's nice to think that this song and it's music video was the last bit of Billie Piper's music career, and it is a very nice way to go.