New Release: Cher Lloyd Featuring Mike Posner - With Ur Love

October 31, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cher Lloyd performed on the X Factor yesterday, to try and promote this song, which is released this week. She came fourth on the X factor last year and her first single "Swagger Jagger" managed to get to number one. This time around she has collaborated with Mike Posner, who's a big hit in his own country, America, at the moment. So could this be the song that pushes Cher Lloyd into American stardom before her own X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole, does it? She performed this song amazingly on the X Factor, and I'm pretty sure it'll be number one this Sunday, but with the competition of Professor Green Featuring Emeli Sandé, Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris and Labrinth Featuring Tinie Tempah all trying to get number one, this clearly would be quite a battle for the top spot.

This song was written by Savan Kotecha, Max Martin and Shellback, an unstoppable force in my opinion. Once again all three have come together and created yet another song, I bet we'll be seeing more writing credits by these three in the future. Now the fact that Cher Lloyd and Mike Posner never even wrote any of the lyrics is a little disappointing, but sometimes this is where the big hits come from, if Britney manage to do it every single time, then surely everyone else can. I like the fact that Cher Lloyd doesn't rap at all, she is good at rapping, but sometimes you need a song like this to make the "haters" realise she can actually sing. She will be a megastar if she hits America just right.

The music video has a lot of links, and it's nice to see that. But what has she done to her hair? Seriously she changes every few days, In this music video she pulls off the half-shaved look, and it does suit her, however yesterday on the X Factor she had her hair looking a little like Cheryl Cole's, so it makes you question whether she has found her niche in the world. Does she change her hair often as she is still unsure of herself, and doesn't quite know where she belongs? This could be both a good thing and a bad thing; good thing: she may grab the attention of various people from young to old with her various looks; bad thing: she could be influencing little kids to beg their parents into having a hair cut like Cher Lloyd's, and once they go for the half-shaved look, she has her hair normal again, this could possibly upset that kid.

There is a major thing missing in this music video..... The song's about love, so where's the "heart hands"? As I've mentioned in previous posts, "heart hands" are very in at the moment, but can look cheesy if not done correctly. Whether she did do a clip of "heart hands" and it looked wrong so they cut it out, I don't know, but it is definitely something that should have been put in.

I like the balloons, there's quite a few of them, and there is a little bit of repetition of footage, but you hardly notice it. Mike Posner looks like he's trying to look like MC Hammer, which is a definite no-no this day and age. But it is a great collaboration and I wish Cher Lloyd can crack America.

Overall the song is really catchy, as to be expected from these writers, and the music video coincides nicely with the song, it's definitely a step up from "Swagger Jagger" although I do like both songs. It's just missing "Heart Hands"!
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