New Release: Matt Cardle - Run For Your Life

October 10, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Matt Cardle is the most recent winner of The X Factor in the UK. That series has possibly thrown out the most acts who have then gone on to release singles and albums, or are about to, these people include: Matt Cardle (winner) Rebecca Ferguson (second), One Direction (third), Cher Lloyd (fourth), Mary Byrne (fifth), Katie Waissel (seventh), Belle Amie (eleventh), Storm Lee (fourteenth) and Nicolò Festa (sixteenth). I did buy Matt Cardle's first single "When We Collide" as I rooted for him through out the whole of the X Factor, but I don't think I like this song and I definitely feel that he is going to be another male X Factor winner that is going to be dropped from the Syco label. But we'll just have to wait and see.

This song is written by, now X Factor judge, Gary Barlow. And to be totally honest this song definitely sounds like a song you'll find sung by Gary Barlow's band Take That. But further more Take That wouldn't even release this song as a single, and I really do feel sorry for Matt, he's definitely not with the right group of people at the moment. The song is about telling his partner to run off and leave him behind because there's better people than him in the world and she deserves better. I think it is a good meaning and Matt Cardle's voice makes it that little bit more special, however I really don't like the song and that's not at all Matt's fault.

The music video is okay, it looks really cheap and nasty though and compared to the various other X Factor winner's second singles, this obviously isn't the best, some may say it's the worse so far. The budget (if there was one) was obviously spent on those projectors, which is pretty stupid since there are much better ideas to create, and it just lets this song down even more. Matt obviously had little to say in it, and the camera shots used aren't that very good. I think this projector idea looked better down on paper, and it must have been too late to change it once they started filming it.

I don't really know what else to say, I can't really comment on the girl in the video because the video has been edited so there isn't a lot to say about her, although some may say that she could do a lot better than Matt, and that's probably what they planned on trying to show. I like the fact that they show her running as it definitely links in with the song. This song is very difficult to put into a video, and although lots of people can think of various ideas, would it really link in with the song as well as this does?

Overall, I really like Matt and I wish him the best on his future music career, however with the Syco record label behind him, it's going to be difficult for him to show off his real talents since he is very much an indie singer and that's not the classic pop that Simon Cowell is used to. I won't be buying this single or his album, but I hope that others will and I hope we'll be seeing him a lot more. I don't like the song that much although I like the meaning behind it, and the music video... I have to admit I avoid it at all costs, however it does link in with the song and definitely goes with it to an extent. Here's my rating and I hope a few of you agree with it at least.