Big Brother Special: Samanda Featuring Honey Monster - Honey Love

13 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is Samanda's second single, and gives us our Sunday revisit, and makes Samanda go down in Big Brother ex-housemate history, as they are the only ex-housemate to release more than one single. I thought they would have gone all the way and become a artist, but their third single never got released and it's doubtful they'll ever return to music, although I think they deserve to.

So this wraps up our Big Brother Special week, I hope you all have enjoyed this week of special s and it's back to normal tomorrow.

The song is a cover version of Paul Anka's hit "Puppy Love", who was then covered twelve years later by Donny Osmond, who made the song famous again. "Honey Love" is really good and I love the fact that the Honey Monster gets a little solo, which is a whole new verse that wasn't included in Puppy Love. Samanda's voices are even better in this song than in "Barbie Girl", and I'm pretty sure they didn't change them in the studio. And I have to admit, I'm so happy the Honey Monster didn't turn out like Robotic Ken, otherwise we would have been in a lot of trouble. This was a charity single, and all proceeds went to the Variety Club Children's Charity. I felt sad that this didn't chart higher, managing to get to number 125, which is a really low charting, and is probably the reason why "Whistle For A Hottie" was never released.

This music video is FAR better than "Barbie Girl", once again it's low-budget, but what does that matter when clearly they are all "honey love" upped? This song definitely should have charted higher. I like the start, and how Samanda comes out the back of a pink stretch limo, and then the Honey Monster appears from the back of a stretch Hummer.

I like the fact that they are both on the piano, is the Honey Monster going out with both of them? I especially like some of the choreography that is done in the video, especially when Samanda and the Honey Monster are kicking their feet. I also like the ending when all three jump, I wonder if they had to take a few takes of that as their jumping all had to be in sync.

I love the guitar solo, it fits nicely after the Honey Monster's solo, and is pretty funny at times. I think it's nice that Samanda tells us at the start that it's a charity single, and I just wish more people had downloaded it at that time, because Samanda had real potential to become recording artists.

Overall, I am obsessed with the song, I like how they've jazzed it up and the fact that it's a charity single. The music video is perfect, and I haven't got a bad thing to say about it to be honest. Obviously if a mega celebrity was singing the song instead of Samanda it probably would have been a better video and would have charted higher, but apart from that I could listen to it again and again. I hope Samanda do return to music, but that could be hoping too much, right?