Big Brother Special: Channel 5 Advertisement - When Bruv Takes Over

November 12, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Okay, so this isn't a music video, and wasn't released to music channels, BUT it sort of counts, it was shown on a TV channel, it has music, it has artists singing, and is definitely the best advertisement for Big Brother, so it sort of counts. To be totally honest I got a little scared as I couldn't find another music video and I was desperate to get a video shown today. For the purposes of this blog, I am going to rate and review this "advert" as a music video, even though technically it isn't.

Now  this music video features a lot of ex-housemates, I think they must have gotten most of them, if not all of them. So many go past that sometimes I can't even count them all let alone name them all, and I know they aren't all extras and that they all were actually in the house. The only disappointing thing about that is the song wasn't recorded, they just used Kelly Rowland and David Guetta's recording of "When Love Takes Over", although I reckon it would have been better if all the ex-housemates have sung the song in the studio (with the producers changing the voices so they all could sing), and sung "When Bruv Takes Over", rather than dubbing "Love".

This music video is amazing, At the start we see Makosi being a secretary and then Anthony Hutton starting to mouth the words to "When Love Takes Over", then various other housemates appear, including H (from Steps), Samanda, Michelle Bass, Nadia Almada, Brian Dowling, Pete Bennett, Josie Gibson, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame amongst a tonne of others. I think it was an extremely great idea and shows how happy the ex-housemates are that Big Brother had returned to our screens.

I like the use of the aeroplanes and the smoke and the balloons, I couldn't help but laugh at Jodie Marsh's scene, it's like she has a group of dancers with her. The signs are clever and it represents the live show audience since they have lots and lots of signs that they hold up. And the use of Brian Dowling (our new host) being in front of everyone is a really good idea.

Overall I loved this advert, and wished they had recorded it and then released it on iTunes, as we all know it would have made the chart. I feel a little upset that Channel 5 didn't change Big Brother all that much and kept it roughly the same, which was probably the reason why it lost quite a few viewers, but hopefully they'll realise what they did wrong and re-vamp it for next year. If this advert were a music video, it would definitely have deserved this rating.