Hilary Duff - Wake Up

06 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Personally, and I think a lot of people think this too, but every time I see Hilary Duff I can't help thinking she's type-casted as Lizzie McGuire, I used to watch that show when I was younger, and all of the re-runs too, and she hasn't changed, she's always been this character and it's going to be hard for her to get out of that, and even though she's tried lots of different things it hasn't worked.

I was trying to think what artist to do for today, as all the artists this week have either been new ones, or ones I only know one song from, so it had to be Hilary Duff. This is my favourite song by her, I don't know exactly why but it's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. It was written by Dead Executives and Hilary Duff (NOTE: if the artist appears at the end of the writing credits, it suggests they had a minimum input into the song lyrics, sometimes this means they have added a single word or line, or they did the chorus or a certain verse). The song is all about going out and having fun, which is exactly what happens in the music video, making it such an easy music video to come up with.

I like the start of the music video, it suggests getting ready to go out and have fun, this is always the most important part of when you decide to go out, because you have to look good, no one in their right mind goes out in what they usually wear, without doing anything.

I like the fact that Hilary knows most of the people she passes in the clubs and it suggests she's a "party girl". I also like the "London" sign and the "Paris" sign, that must have been difficult to edit that just right, but it worked.

There's not a lot happening in this music video, I have to admit I don't think the short black hair style suited Hilary at all, but I did like the long straighten look. There really isn't much to comment on and this is the music video's flaw, because if there isn't much to comment on then there really isn't a lot going on.

Overall, the music video links in with the song, the song is really catchy and it's something that would've been played in the clubs. But there's not a lot going on, it's pretty predictable, and it's not at all out of the ordinary. I would definitely not remember this music video if I watched the music channels for about an hour. It doesn't stand out from the crowd, and it was unsurprising this video was created for this song. Even though the song is my favourite from her, I just don't think the music video is up to scratch, and it is a little disappointing to be honest.