New Release: Jedward - Wow Oh Wow

21 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jedward just keeps on getting better and better, as much as I hate to admit, it, it's true. This is their third single taken from their album Victory. The first was "Lipstick" which they took all the way to Eurovision and finished 8th. Then "Bad Behaviour" came along, which showed them grown up a bit and didn't do too well in the UK chart, but it once again topped the Irish chart. Now it's time for "Wow Oh Wow", and it's ready to storm the charts, I can't help listening to it over and over again. This is definitely trying to draw the audience of younger adults. They are definitely amazing and I can see them going really far, and it won't be long until they appeal to more adults than children, and they are definitely going in the right direction.

Jedward came from The X Factor, they auditioned as "John and Edward", but soon changed their name to Jedward, which the fans much preferred. The duo contains John Grimes and Edward Grimes, and they competed in the year which these artists got recording contracts: Joe McElderry (winner), Olly Murs (Second), Stacey Solomon (Third), Danyl Johnson (Fourth) Lloyd Daniels (Fifth), Rachel Adedeji (Ninth). They also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother Series 8 (1st series on Channel 5), and managed to come third overall, which managed to show people that they truly are behaving like they do in real life and a lot of parents changed their minds about them, which is why their fan base in the UK has grown so much.

This song was written by Oritsé Williams, Johannes Joergensen, Savan Kotecha and Daniel Klein. Again Savan Kotecha has appeared and probably proves why I like this song so much, as Savan has been writing some amazing material as of late. But there is someone else's name you may recognise and that is Oritsé Williams, for all those JLS fans out there, he is a member of the band, and to be honest, sometimes JLS have great songs and then there are other times when I'm a bit unsure about the song. I'm so glad this song was given to Jedward, as I don't think JLS would have suited it. I love this song, it's really catchy, and I have to laugh at some of the lyrics used such as the word "erotic" and "11/10", and although Jedward's many fans are quite young, I am happy that they are trying to appeal to the teenagers and young adults and older, it kind of makes things more interesting and by appealing to a bigger audience, the more likely Jedward will make it to those important chart numbers.

I really like this music video, and even though I'm obsessed with the song, I do believe they both link in really well. I think it's nice to see them try to draw the attention of teenagers and it seems like they are singing songs that are meant for them, that are what they are and songs that really show to the public what their personalities are like.

One of the main people (who are actually meant to be in the background), but I think Jedward wanted for her to appear a lot more, is Tara Reid. She is definitely a Hollywood actress, and it would have been rare for this sort of thing to happen, however Jedward and Tara Reid were both contestants in Celebrity Big Brother series 8 and they developed a strong friendship that obviously followed through outside.

I like the start, with the beach, especially the sign that says "W.O.W. Beach", which it certainly is for guys, and even though there is quite a bit of eye-candy for guys, I bet the girls are a little disappointed. I like how Tara Reid is the main girl, as if Jedward is singing this song to her. They were obsessed with her in the Big Brother house and they always called her "Tara Reid", they HAD to include her last name. I bet Jedward and Tara Reid had great fun while they were filming the video, and of course afterwards, I bet it was great to catch up.

I love the club as well, it is definitely one song I can see being remixed again and again, and hopefully it will help get the song higher up in the charts. I like it how John and Edward both include the hand movements, and the camera keeps trying to cut them off, they are making a W for "Wow", an O for "Oh" and another W for "Wow", and then another O for "Oh", and then lastly a W for "Wow", except you never see it in full as through camera editing, they couldn't show them doing it all. I also like seeing John do "heart hands", I bet in a few years it will be looked down upon, but since it is very popular at the moment, it's quite fun to watch.

I keep expecting Tara Reid to start singing, it looks a lot more like a collaboration rather than just Jedward, but I presume she can't sing at all, and maybe, just maybe a lot of people wouldn't be happy with a collaboration. She seems to be in the middle a lot and I think that's the reason you sort of expect her to start singing. But I guess it's difficult to choose where to put her. One other thing is that in the whole concept of the video John and Edward are both going WOW OH WOW OH WOW at Tara Reid, so is she going to date both of them? Or are they going to have to fight over her? Could this possibly lead onto a whole sequel video, or am I just getting my hopes up for nothing?

Overall, I have become obsessed with this song, and I can't help but keep playing it in the background as I type this review. The music video links in perfectly, there is a narrative and a performance, and some really good editing techniques are use, I love the fact that "heart hands" are used and various other things. This is probably their best song and best music video to date, and I have my fingers crossed that it does well in the chart.