Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

November 21, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Katy Perry, has become a really big star in just a couple of years. She has released two albums, with a third being released under her real name: Katy Hudson. She created Katy Perry, Perry being her mother's maiden name, as her star name because she thought Katy Hudson was  too close to film actress Kate Hudson. Katy Perry has recently matched a record with Michael Jackson for getting 5 singles to number one in the US chart all from the same album. This song is her sixth (and probably last) single from Teenage Dream, and if this manages to get to number one on the US billboard hot 100 soon she'll beat Michael Jackson's record, so come on America, start downloading.

This song was written by Katy Perry, Lukeasz Gottwald (AKA Dr. Luke) and Max Martin. Again Dr. Luke and Max Martin have teamed up with Katy Perry to create another amazing song. I just hope this song performs well as it becomes really catchy after hearing it more and more. Katy Perry sung this song on The X Factor in the second week. I didn't think much of it back then, but it's been played a lot on the radio lately, and I've really started to enjoy it. The song is about first loves and realising that it rarely works out and he/she will always be in one's heart for as long as one would live.

I love the music video, when I first saw it, so far I've only seen it three times, but I'm pretty sure that will change. When I first saw it I never got to watch the end, and I was always wondering what the comments were about on the YouTube video, but know I know. I was really surprised by what happened, and although I expected it when he took his eyes off the road, it still shocked me.

I like the whole idea of making Katy Perry look really old, I also like the fact that she is still stunningly pretty even when they've made her old, and if Russell Brand and Katy Perry's relationship stays strong then he's going to be one lucky man when they get really old. I also like to think that that old man at the beginning is supposed to be her husband, which would make him Russell Brand, although how he would turn out to look like him, I have no idea.

I like how she is reflecting on her past and her first relationship with her first lover, who is played by Diego Luna. They are both artists and are drawing one another. He is a really good artist, and I like watching this video to see if they are actually painting. But after an argument, where Katy Perry wrecks Diego's painting, and he storms out. And then out of carelessness, he doesn't watch where he is driving, and all of a sudden a rock is in the middle of the road and disaster strikes.

People have wondered where a rock would come from, but there are lots of reasons. Maybe Katy Perry has magic powers and when she wishes something to happen it does (this is extremely unlikely), or maybe a natural disaster happened such as an avalanche (this seems most likely).

I like the ending and the use of Johnny Cash's song, although to be honest if Russell Brand were to watch all of Katy Perry's videos and interpreted them into real life, he'll realise that she has once fallen in love with a girl (see "I Kissed a Girl"), has woken up in Vegas (see "Waking Up In Vegas"), is an alien from some far away planet (see "E.T.") and now she sneaks off to see her dead lover (see "The One That Got Away"). This proves you shouldn't take the videos as real life, and they are mealy an interpretation of the song.

Overall this song is really catchy, and I have my fingers crossed it gets to number one in the US. The accompanying music video is really heart-breaking, but also really clever and interesting, and I kind of find it really entertaining, so it definitely deserves this rating.