The Noise Next Door - Calendar Girl

December 17, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Noise Next Door were a three piece pop/rock band that consisted of triplets Craig Sutton, Ed Sutton and Scott Sutton. They became well known for their bright red hair, and they came out around the time "Busted" had split up. Everyone I knew was talking about them, even my brother CamCam, who doesn't take all that much interest in music, especially then, thought they were going to make it big. They were titled as the new "Busted", but things turned sour. And that may have been due to the fact that they got rid of their red hair and put it back to their natural hair colour (I presume, they dyed it brown). Since the day they changed their hair colour their releases didn't get very high in the chart, and just before their album was released (finally after four singles) they were dropped and the fans never got their hands on that album. Since then they have appeared on an ITV documentary in 2008, which I watched, called Identical Triplets: Their Secret World. Since then nothing new has come about, which is very unfortunate, they could have done amazingly if only they had kept that red hair. Maybe they regret it. Will they ever come back? I doubt it, although rumours have been spread. It's definitely the era for reunions, could this be another one? And if so will they make it or break it?

This song is their highest chart topper making Number 11. However if downloads were more popular back then, I reckon the B-Side to their first single "Lock Up Your Daughters" would have managed to make number one, this was because the B-Side was "Ministry of Mayhem", the song of which, was used for the opening sequence of children's TV show called "Ministry of Mayhem", the hosts of which were Stephen Mulhern and Holly Willoughby. "Calendar Girl" was probably my favourite song that they released, and I actually still have the CD Single. The song was written by a number of people, I currently have the CD in front of me, and they've listed the writers as last names only, and so I can't work out who is who, sorry. But I do like this song and it's really catchy.

The music video is really good, while I was watching it earlier, I had a real shock. I mixed up a certain word in the lyrics and it totally changed the whole image of the song. The original lyrics are "And I would bug you everyday by taking your picture", however I thought they sung "And I would f*** you everyday while taking your picture", after a few repeats the lyrics I made up fit so perfectly and I was scared they were the real ones, so I looked them up, and I was totally wrong.

There's not a lot going on in this video, which is probably why I'm talking about the song more. I like the use of the girls, but you can't exactly tell which one of them they are actually singing this song to, I presume it's the girl at the end who gets covered in snow with the guys. I love their red hair, it's so bright and amazing and I'm surprised they ever cut it off.

I like the wind machines and how they used them, it was clever and kind of revealed to us how they actually do everything, which is really clever, although what it has to do with the song I have no idea. I like seeing the cameras too, it's quite clever how they do everything, although nowadays it's probably a little different.

Now before I wrap this up with a rating to go underneath, I thought I'll make you aware of what has just distracted me this minute. While trying to find out who wrote the song, I came across this game online (click here) that had me laughing for quite sometime, it isn't the best of games, but it's really funny, and I did rubbish, but that was only because I missed one of their hairs and actually clicked on the scroll side-bar on the side.

Overall it's a really good song and it's a real shame they never got the success they clearly deserved and although their 15 minutes of fame was extended for quite some time, they needed a lot more. I will always remember them, and I know CamCam will do too, and I hope that they do return, even if it is just to release that album we are all still waiting for.