Lady Gaga - Marry The Night

December 16, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Germanotta, which makes it understandable why she goes by her star name. There are two different versions on how her stage name came about. The one Lady Gaga tells is when writing music with music producer Rob Fusari, he thought her harmonies were similar to Freddie Mercury (front man of Queen). Fusari would sing "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen, every time Stefani walked into the studio. "Lady Gaga" was then sent as a text to Stefani, by Fusari that was made by mistake due to predictive text, apparently she replied with "That's it, never call me Stefani again". Click here to read more. The other version was recently posted in The New York Post, that tells us that the name "Lady Gaga" was formed in a marketing meeting, however I like to believe the first one, even if it may not be the truth, besides the article in The New York Post (Click here to see it) says they got this from a source, who's name has not been mentioned... Hmmm... I think the first one sounds much better.

After my first ever debate on this blog, I believe I should return to what I've been meaning to say. Lady Gaga has become a star overnight, and she probably knew that that was going to happen straight away, she is amazing, and from some of the live concerts I've seen, it looks like it would be a gig you would never forget. Some people think she's weird, others like her, and then there's the people like me, who are in between, as she is quite extravagant, but then again that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. At the end of the day, I very much doubt you could walk up to anyone in the street and they wouldn't have a clue who Lady Gaga is. That's how big she has become.

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 The song is really good. I first heard it on The X Factor, when she was dressed in something so shocking, especially since it was remembrance Sunday as well. It is shown on the right here, and I am so surprised that there wasn't many complaints, or maybe there was and it wasn't announced how many complaints they received. However she did change out of it half-way through the song, into something much better. I felt the song was just as catchy then. And I just hoped that the music video was good, which it is to an extent. The song was written by Stefani Germanotta and Fernando Garibay. Fernando has worked with quite a few artists, helping with a song here and there, but he has helped Gaga through most of her "Born This Way" album, could this be where a new partnership is formed, and that in the future they will get together more often and create more music? The song is all about her returning to New York (where she was born), she didn't like Hollywood, and it took her a lot of courage to return. She wanted this song to represent where she is with her life.

The music video links in perfectly with the song. However there are a lot of nuisances, as Tink09 and many others have clearly pointed out. The music video is 13 minutes long, and the song doesn't really start until 8 minutes and 47 seconds after you have clicked play. The start is the beginning and it is pretty long and annoying, but it is needed and extremely clever, to be honest I'm in two minds about it, and can see both sides, one could even consider this is what makes the music video one of the best, but does it really?

The very start is pretty funny, and I can't stop laughing at some of the things she says such as "Check this nurse out on the right, she's got a great ass" and as that particular nurse bends down to put the door stopper in place Lady Gaga says "BAM". The music video is an autobiography of Stefani Germanotta, which links with the song amazingly as the song is about her life.

There are many other bits of the introduction, such as her leaving the clinic, and being back in New York, only to get a phone call that tells her she has been dropped from her record company. So she did what any other girl would have done... she "did it all over again".

One particular scene is similar to Madonna's film "Desperately Seeking Susan". It is interesting how certain music videos can be linked in with song. Some scenes show Lady Gaga causing havoc here and there and it makes me surprised at what is happening, no way is this a low-budget music video, and that is exactly what you have to expect from Lady Gaga.

My favourite scene is the choreography dance studio, and you probably thought I'd say that. She is clearly a great dancer, and we are aware of this from many of her past music videos. She knocks most artists out of the park, and it's interesting to see her dance because if singing ever failed her (yeah right), but if it did she could so be a professional dancer. She might even knock professional dancers out of the park too...

This review has become longer than I had expected; when I saw the music video on the music channels this morning (NOTE: music channels cannot show a 13 minute video) they had edited it so that the video is about 5 minutes long, but when I watched it this morning it rarely made sense, so you really need that first introduction. I think the music video is clever, inspiring (but you wouldn't expect anything less from Gaga), and so interesting I could watch it over and over again. The comedic values add effect, strength and power, and so does the introduction. Gaga has pushed the boat out on this one, and I'm in love with that massive hat she wears in one of the scenes, it makes me laugh every time I see it. I have dropped one star based on some people not like the fact that you have to wait a little more than 8 minutes before the song actually starts (however she does hum the song half-way through the introduction).