Alyssa Reid Featuring P. Reign - Alone Again

January 12, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alyssa Reid is from Canada, but it looks like she's going to be known worldwide; when I first saw her I thought it was Ashley Tisdale, I was definitely wrong, but they do look similar. Alyssa Reid is hoping to break into the UK charts soon and with the extensive radio and music channel play she keeps getting, it looks like she's going to be another singer we are going to look out for. She is only 18, and I'm 2 months older than her, yet she seems really mature at times, and I never would have guessed she was my age. She releases this track on my birthday (29th January), but she'll have stiff competition from Kelly Clarkson (whose song "Stronger" has already charted from Album downloads only). So this looks like it's set to be a big chart battle, but who will come on top?

The song takes a large sample from Heart's "Alone" (made notably famous by Celine Dion). Alyssa Reid wrote the addition lyrics to the song, which makes it feel original, and I have to admit I had to think long and hard what the original song was, as this single has totally messed around with it to make it modern. And it looks like it's going to be one big hit.

The music video is interesting. It's on a small scale and the narrative could be bigger, but if it were it would make this video not so good. Alyssa Reid is singing her heart out, and the song is musically great, but it's subtle, and luckily for us the video is just as subtle.

I like the narrative, it tells a story in a short space of time and we really connect to it, the reason for this is because most people can relate to it as they have probably been through it. Others can clearly only imagine. My friend Dolly even quoted the lyrics on Facebook, she knows what it feels like and loves the song because of it.

I like how all the characters are together and then something happens, whether that's an argument or just not being there when they want you to, and they become "alone". But then when you think all hope is gone, they all get back together and enjoy one another's company.

The performance side of it is interesting, the fact that you see Alyssa Reid playing the piano shows she is also musically talented and you can tell every single word she sings she really means it, and I think that is what draws me to the video more than anything else.

A little info on P. Reign. He is a rapper from Canada, and has released a few records already, however none amassing to anything this big. Some people think rappers are all the same, some may even go out of their way to tell rappers that they've ruined this or that song. I feel hurt that somebody would do such a thing, rapping is a style of music, if it wasn't it wouldn't get into the charts, if you don't like that genre of music then there is no need to judge it.

Overall this is one catchy song and one engaging music video that is the perfect subtlety. I can see this song climbing high up in the UK charts and I have my fingers crossed it does just that. The music video links perfectly, it has enough narrative with enough performance to make it a great music video.