Tinchy Stryder Featuring Pixie Lott - Bright Lights

January 13, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tynchy Stryder (real name Kwasi Danquah III) has been hitting out some big hits recently, and his career seems pretty stable, but that's all there is to it, he's not a worldwide known star and it's going to be difficult if that's who he wants to be. He almost appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 2012, but he apparently pulled out as he didn't think it was the right thing for him to do. But with this year's celebrities gaining more TV ratings than last year... Was it right for his career, that he pulled out? I guess we'll never know. But since then this song has emerged, heightening my interest as it's a collaboration with Pixie Lott. Pixie Lott (real name Victoria Lott) has become one of the biggest UK female artists as of 2011, and I can see her getting better and better. She has also recorded another version to this song: "Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II" and it appears on her second studio album "Young. Foolish. Happy".

I first heard this song on Pixie's album and thought I recognised it from somewhere, although until now I hadn't got a clue what other song it sounded like; but thanks to a YouTube comment I realised why this song is so familiar. B.o.B and Hayley Williams song "Airplanes" is pretty much the same as this song, and that is why I like it. It's catchy and full of passion and feeling, and it could be considered as the UK's answer to Airplanes, well it took us long enough didn't it?

I like the music video, again it's similar to Airplanes, however maybe I'm just looking into it too much, what makes it different is the fact that Pixie Lott is with Tinchy Stryder and I also like the fact that she shows off her vocals, even though she only sings the chorus, she does hop in and out of the rapping with Tinchy.

I like the use of images that are all from Tinchy Stryder. He is rapping about his life, so it's obvious he is going to use pictures from his past. This makes it more real and it gets the message across.

Overall it's a great song and I'm expecting it to chart quite high when it's released on the 27th February. The music video is average, it's one of those videos that you'd watch if there isn't anything better on the music channels, however the song is really catchy and clearly makes up for the video. There isn't a lot going on, so there isn't a lot I can comment on, so I'm giving an average rating for an average video.