Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip

January 06, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Avril Lavigne has released a number of singles and albums, she has recently came back to music and she hasn't performed that well in the charts, unfortunately. Even though the songs are really emotional and much more powerful. She is currently working on her fifth studio album, which I'm really excited about.

This single was taken from her first ever album "Let Go", it was written by Avril Lavigne and Clif Magness. It is about losing grip with her boyfriend as they were not meant to be. The lyrics are very personal and you can tell she means every single one of them. She has this distinct voice to this song that makes "Losing Grip" stand out from the others on the album, she sounds a lot like her fellow Canadian, Alanis Morissette and it's really powerful. Furthermore when she sings "crying out loud, I'm crying out loud" her voice reminds me of Amy Studt's and I'm pretty sure those lyrics (or something along those lines) are used in one of Amy Studt's songs, but I've been searching and I don't know where.

The music video is short, and simple it is a live performance which shows her energetic vibe when she's on tours. This is to make us feel like we're actually there. And it also shows that what she is singing comes straight from her heart. Also she has 4 of her backing band with her, who are all attempting to become more well-known, and are no longer Avril Lavigne's backing band. The people who appear on stage with her are Jesse Colburn (who has wrote quite a few songs at the moment), Evan Taubenfeld (Singer and songwriter, and collaborated with Avril on her new album, and Avril collaborated with him on his new album), Matt Brann (since leaving the band he has helped other bands with their albums) and Charlie Moniz (who isn't doing much as far as I'm aware of).

I like the idea of also having Avril Lavigne in the crowd, pushing her way through, and herself being pushed. It links in well with the song, because it suggests the sort of relationship she is in where they keep trying and one keeps pushing and then they push back, but nothing is working. Also she is alone, usually at a concert you are with someone, so in theory you could say she had the tickets but her boyfriend didn't turn up so she had to go it alone. But then she sees her boyfriend in the crowd (well we presume it's her boyfriend, otherwise she's punching a complete stranger).

Overall it's a great song, and I'm sure I could listen to it over and over again. The music video is average, and can be compared to "What The Hell" as she also crowd surfs and does a little gig in that video too. But there really isn't a lot going on, but it's subtle and interesting at the same time.