JoJo - Too Little Too Late

January 05, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

JoJo (real name Joanna Levesque) is one of these singers who was pushed into the music scene at such a young age, usually there comes problems with this sort of thing such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Billie Piper. But JoJo has had no problems whatsoever, apart from her record company, which is pretty minor compared to the other young artists. She is making a comeback slowly, but surely with a new brilliant single "Disaster", it's music video has just been released to the UK, so people fear not, it looks like it will be released here in the UK, in a few months time.

This song was written by Josh Alexander, Billy Steinberg and Ruth-Anne Cunningham. They aren't as well known as others, but Billy Steinberg has worked with a number of artists, and Ruth-Anne Cunningham has worked with the likes of Pixie Lott and other well-known UK artists, she is also a singer and has had success in Ireland. The song is very emotional and JoJo has connected with the song amazingly as her vocals are really good, you would think she had some writing credits but she doesn't and this quite surprises me as the music video is also very emotional.

The music video links in with the song really well, it is about being disappointed and getting over your first love, and the music video displays that perfectly. I like the fact that it relates well and although there isn't a lot going on, it is emotionally interesting, and it seems very real.

I like the start, the way they talk about what they saw and JoJo even starts off by saying she's disappointed. This is key at the start of the music video, as you are more aware of the feelings they feel for each other right from the start. I also like the fact that it starts to rain when she puts the teddy in the bin. It's not the teddy's fault, and it must be terribly lonely in the bin. But the significance of it shows that she doesn't want to be reminded.

A lot of people have commented on the showing of Football (or should I say soccer as a lot of countries call it). I personally don't know what they are complaining about. Americans play Soccer as well, they even made a few films to do with it (called "She's The Man" and "Goal" amongst others). And I know a lot of people in the UK make jokes about football and America, but it's still a sport recognised all over the world, so there's no need for complaints.

Overall I really like the song, and the accompanying music video fits perfectly. I like the way everything works out incredibly and the emotion is sent our way. I can't say anything bad about this music video, so I think it deserves this rating.
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