Jessie J - Domino

January 18, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jessie J (real name Jessica Cornish) is quickly becoming one of the biggest UK female artists, she's already cracked it in America and Australia. Europe is obsessed with her, so where else has she got to go? This is he new song here in the UK, but elsewhere it was released as her fifth single, ahead of "Who You Are". I first heard it in the car, and I was immediately drawn to it, but the radio DJ wouldn't announce who it was, so the next time I heard it I listened out for a name, after having the people in the car send out suggestions as to who was singing. Suggestions were: Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pixie Lott and Cher Lloyd. We piled out of the car with shocked faces as we weren't expecting Jessie J to be the singer.

The writing credits is surprisingly long, but here goes, the people who wrote this song were Jessica Cornish, Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Claude Kelly, Max Martin (collaborates with Dr. Luke quite a bit) and Henry Walter. Claude Kelly has wrote quite a lot of songs, most of them well-known, and has worked with Jessie J quite a few times. This song is definitely a hit, especially since it has already got to number one here in the UK on album downloads only, the official release date is the 27th February 2012. Will she remain on top until the official release date? We'll have to wait and see, but there will be a lot of competition.

Now when I first saw this music video, I was surprised, with this sort of song I was definitely expecting a massive production that will just make us all go WOW. Instead we're left with what looks like a low budget video with little to talk about, and there's really not a lot going on.

When I watched this today, it's the first time I ever noticed something intriguing. No one looks at the background, but for some reason I did and then I noticed that everything was moving in a sort of rhythm as the song suggests. I'm still disappointed at the video, it could have been amazing and perfect all at the same time, but I guess you can't always have one of the best music videos.

Lastly I want to comment on her hair, it looks like it may be a wig, since not so long ago in August 2011 Jessie J confirmed that she would be shaving off her hair to save lives... BUT there has been no official statement that she has yet, which means that in the video she could just have her natural hair. If that's the case then it must take ages to dye it all. However whether she has shaved off her hair or not, they still might be wigs...

Overall it's an amazing song and it's understandable why it's at the top of the charts, and I bet the clubs are using it a lot, but it's music video is dreadful, and I never expected a music video like this to ever be released for this singer, it's definitely her worst video yet, but considering other artists music videos, it's not all bad. But with guidance from CamCam, I came to this rating, I hope many of you agree.