New Release: Taio Cruz - Troublemaker

January 02, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Taio Cruz... What to say about him. Personally I'm never entire sure whether I should decide if I like him or not. He's songs are extremely catchy, and although I may not enjoy the lyrics that are contained within these catchy songs, somehow I'm drawn to the song, and end up singing along without even realising. I have been searching today for a new release (or should I say yesterday?) and this is the only video I have found that is released this week, however there probably is others. I had no idea what this song was until I watched the video on YouTube, and I felt that maybe it was a cover version, with the lyrics changed, but then the chorus kicked in and I realised I had previously heard it on the radio, and so it makes sense why it sounds so familiar.

Taio Cruz has had 2 number ones so far, and has collaborated with a load of different singers. I have only bought one song called "Dirty Picture", but only because Ke$ha collaborated with him on it. This song was written by Taio Cruz and Swedish House Mafia (who consists of Steve Angello, Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk). This may explain why I love the backing track on this song, since I'm quite fond of a lot of Swedish House Mafia's songs. This would have been a really good collaboration, so why does it only have Taio Cruz's name to it? If he was searching for another chart topper, he could have done a collaboration, otherwise this isn't going to work on it's own. I very much doubt it will manage toget ont the UK top 40, although it's really catchy and does have potential.

The video is definitely a typical Taio Cruz video, and probably will not help it chart high. The other videos in comparison were more structured and had lots more narrative, even if they don't necessarily link in with the songs meaning. In this case the song is about having a bit of fun, dancing, and the obvious. To be honest, I am glad the video isn't storyline scripted, because complaints could be alerted here, there and everywhere because of possible vivid scenes, but a narrative would have been nice, it could have been suggested rather than shown, at least.

I don't really think there is a lot to say about this video. I like some bits, such as the many different girls, although what they are wearing are more Lady GaGa style than anything else. The enclosed wall is a little cramped, if I'm being honest, and how they are going to do a ménage à trois in there beats me (sorry using Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" word there), supposing that is their intent. Other than that, the rest of the video is on the boring side with not a lot going on.

Using my Facebook page, I decided to try and get others people's opinions. Only DJD has replied, stating what everyone else is thinking about this video. It's clear that this video probably will not help the single release, but we shall wait and see. Personally, I find the song extremely catchy, but the video is not as good as Taio Cruz's others, and I probably will skip over this when I'm watching the music videos.