Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

December 20, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Wizzard is a band that are well known because of this hit single, but yet again, in two whole days, we have come across two Christmas songs that everyone knows but have failed to reach Number One in the UK. However this one has a perfectly good reason, and that is because Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody" was released at the same time as this song, forcing this to get a number two charting position.

I love the fact that this whole song is devoted to children (well sort of) since this is all they think about, wishing it what Christmas everyday. It was written by Roy Wood, who is the lead singer of the band, and as much as I loved the song as a child, I hated seeing his face, he looks so scary and all the children in the music video look scared. But this song is so catchy that I soon learnt to shut my eyes when I saw him and just sing-a-long anyway.

I'm not sure what to make of the music video, personally I want to cower behind my chair in worry that the wizard look-a-like will zap me. But I think it seems pretty even, there's little going on and it's more of a performance than anything else. The problem with that is there is no audience, so how are we getting any message across at all?

I have to admit, the start and the very end are a very clever idea. I would have preferred it if the Christmas card opened up and there was the band playing, but then again, would that have made it even more over the top? I also like the use of the children, it links in well with the song and it is really all about them.

However, I didn't like the end. I thought it looked mean, and whoever that child was, who is now all grown up, is probably annoyed that actually happened, or probably pretend it isn't them. There really isn't a lot going on in this video, and it looks scary and I reckon a lot of children don't watch it. And this is quite weird since the song is aimed at children, so why make a music video that they would be scared of?

Looks like I'm going around and around in circles today, and I think I should wrap up here. I really do like this song and I'm surprised to learn it never made number one, all I can say about that is that could be because of the music video, they are very influential at times, and this could have been one of those times. Since I pretty much don't like this music video, I'm giving it a low rating, but there are good things about it, especially the very start and the very end, and the inclusion of children.