Eric Prydz - Pjanoo

February 21, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ, I only just found that out today, and it adds to the amount of dance music coming from Sweden at the moment, they're definitely ones to watch along with Romania. He has released 4 singles thus far, all of which have charted on the UK top 75 chart. However no sight of an album so far. Apparently it was ready for a 2007 release but complications with the record label pushed it back, and it was eventually cancelled. According to multiple social networking sites, it's ready to be released as of 2009... But will it? We'll have to wait and see.

This song is pure music, it's so catchy that it kind of surprises me that I'm actually into it, especially since there is no lyrics and so there's not a lot I can talk about. However in these sorts of songs (much like Avicii's "Levels") it allows any sort of music video, which usually is what makes them the best. As expected Eric Prydz was the one to write the song.

This music video is really good, it links in with the song pretty well, and is just as catchy as the song, I could easily watch it over and over again (if I haven't done so already). Although some of the images such as the skull of the moose (is it a moose?) doesn't make any sense at all. Whether they are calling the robber a moose? A thick-headed one? Since a skull doesn't have a brain... I just don't know, but it has to relate to the robber at the end of the day.

The narrative is amazing, I like it and understand it whereas others have said that they don't. Basically a robbery has taken place and he's ran off with the money, using the train as a means of escape, and then getting off. He needs water to stay alive and he is extremely thirsty. So he finds an old barn, that used to be a bar, but there's no water and nothing in the bottles behind the bar either.

Then the piano starts playing at it's own accord and the robber gets a freight. Then he realises no one's there, except for a small man doing a dance to the music, and then directs the dance to a girl on the other side of the room, who then decides to dance. It is edited well, and we could call this dance a rain dance.

Water starts streaming out the tap, and the robber gets a much needed refreshment, while we see pictures of the moose's skull and the rain dance people dancing in potential rain storm (that's all hypothetical, really). And then the robber runs off again with the money in tow. Personally I would have grabbed one of the empty bottles behind the bar and top it up with water to keep you going, otherwise he's going to become parched again...

My favourite bit is definitely the end where you see the girl shuffles up to the rain dance guy, suggests that they're just friends but thanks to the rain dance, it could be more?

Love this music video, as per usual with pure music-music videos I haven't got a bad thing to say about this. It's clever, witty and got the most perfect storyline. My only concern is to moose skull, but maybe I have worked out it's meaning. I hope Eric Prydz release more in the future, it's definitely the time for DJs to shine again.