New Release: Cher Lloyd Featuring Astro - Want U Back

February 20, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cher Lloyd has changed within a year and a half. She appeared on the X Factor Series Seven, and has already done really well for herself. Now she's teamed up with Astro for her latest single.

The Seventh series of the UK X factor has given us quite a few stars so far such as: Matt Cardle (Winner), Rebecca Ferguson (2nd), One Direction (3rd), Cher Lloyd (4th), Mary Byrne (5th), Katie Waissel (7th), Aiden Grimshaw (9th), Treyc Cohen (10th), Belle Amie (11th), Storm Lee (13th) and Nicolò Festa (16th). It's definitely was the year with the most success I reckon, so I'm interested where the stars of the Eighth series, will end up... As for Astro, who's real name is Brian Bradley, ended up 7th in the first series of the US X Factor. But will he go far? We'll have to wait and see.

"Want U Back" was written by Shellback, Savan Kotecha and Astro. Again Shellback and Savan Kotecha have collaborated creating such another fantastic song, they have been featured on this blog a number of times. As for Astro, I reckon he wrote his little rap, and to be honest I am quite surprised, for a 15 year old to write something so personal and sing it from the heart, is just really surprising, he's younger than CamCam... The song is released this week, in DIRECT competition with label mate and ex-winner of The X Factor: Matt Cardle with "Amazing"... I wonder who will win this time around. "Want U Back" is about splitting from your relationship and the jealousy that sparks when you see you're ex out with another person, doing the exact same things that you used to do together. It's a great song, so catchy, and suits Cher Lloyd perfectly, can definitely see this being a big song. BUT where does the ending link in with it? "Does this sound like a helicopter? Brrrrrrrrr"... According to most people, not really...

This music video is fun and creative and clever, I loved watching behind the scenes, and although it isn't as great as other behind the scenes videos it confirmed something to me, that makes me laugh. Those actors that were put in for this music video are definitely amazing.

I love the idea of the Polaroid pictures on the bed (reminds me of Inna's "Un Momento", don't you think?) I also like the magazine, I'd definitely subscribe to any magazine that has moving pictures. I like the idea of Cher going into the pictures and changing them to suit her, like the throwing of water and popcorn, and the skater and definitely loved the tattoo scene, that is quite evil...

Personally I think it's set in an alternative reality, as if she's dreaming or something, or it's set majorly in the future, choose your pick... MAYBE it's just the technology of America? I like a lot about this and Astro adds he's own spin on the song, giving a reply to Cher, that's quite interesting, and makes the song interact more with the people who are watching, but I feel like something is missing.

This music video is fun, energetic and exciting, but it's missing something, maybe it's the helicopter at the end that puts me off... I just don't know. I can see this song charting very high this week, as it's really catchy. But I think the music video is just missing that little something, it may be the fact that we can't see a spark between Cher and the guy, or maybe it's the way Astro is involved... I just don't know but something is holding it back.